08-30-2016, 02:01 AM
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I bought a bundle of 5 oz bottles to organize my after shaves, but don't have any use for half of them.   They include the stoppers and caps and are in new/unused condition including the original packaging.As I believe in using products instead of throwing them in the trash, these are free to whomever wishes to take over CONUS postage costs(for all 6 together, not to be split).  

Size of box is 7x8x9 at 2 lbs 6 oz.

[Image: yW4QtLQ.jpg]

SOLD  $ 30 including CONUS Shipping // Gillette NEW Deluxe more photos at http://imgur.com/a/CjG2B

All teeth are straight and it would be a great candidate for some TLC or perhaps a replate.
[Image: F3iA06U.jpg]

Similar to the Hot Sauce Bottles above, I bought a roll on deo bottle out of glass for the idea of eventually using it to apply pre-shave oils to my face.   But never got around to the idea and again dont want to throw it in the trash.  If someone is interested, I will PIF to them.

[Image: JECaedW.jpg]

SOLD $ 50 including CONUS Shipping // Rudy Vey AS3M TGN Finest 2 Band 20/46 Bulb knot---new was $ 80.--

Commissioned this from Rudy in a series of ideas I have for a future project.  Other than the fact that I am not a fan of bulb shaped brushes, this is an excellent brush that hasnt shed a hair since I received it in May.

[Image: ibqBtIq.jpg]
[Image: LfDhIt9.jpg]

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 08-30-2016, 07:56 AM
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pm sent on the razor and 2 bottles.

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 08-30-2016, 08:00 AM
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the hot sauce bottle will ship all together as I dont have packaging for individual bottles.

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 08-30-2016, 08:01 AM
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Nice brush,We need a Rudy Vey thread like my recent Plisson. In fact; we need threads on ALL these lovely makers.

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