08-31-2016, 01:17 AM
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Hi Guys I would like to sell some razor hones. I will be fair with pricing but know all prices can be negotiated to some extent. All listed prices in Canadian Dollars which is a benefit to those with a favourable exchange rate.

So first off the Shapton Glass Set (500 CAD) is what I paid for it. 4,8,16k with the stand. I am keeping the stand because I use it for other stones so I would reduce the price to $400

[Image: iHIxhWK.jpg]
I would then like to offer some Coticules.

A Les Latneuses Bout. I paid $ 300 CAD for originally. I would ask for $275[Image: 85G0HkH.jpg][Image: 528dPa0.jpg]

I will then offer a La Nouvelle Vein Coticule 175x40mm. I would like to get $ 150 CAD for this wonderful combination hone.
[Image: BS51qSO.jpg]

Next is a 200x50mm unknown glued vintage. I would like to get $225 for this double sided monster. Very fine.

[Image: p9zOolb.jpg]

An unknown stamped bout size 5  is next. I would like $  85

[Image: fupCFSX.jpg]

A bout size 10 La Dressante Coticule is up next for $ 175

[Image: N2ghqZ0.jpg]

A bout 8 La Dressante is next for $150
[Image: ndsqFOI.jpg]

Next up we've got a monster 8x3 coticule 200x75mm with wooden box for $400

[Image: VI5MVEa.jpg]

A size 5 La Dressante Bout. $75 CAD
[Image: nh1SOjX.jpg]

Please feel free to PM with any questions I would be glad to help.

All prices are excluding shipping and shipping will be at cost, paid for by the buyer. Any import fees or what not will be paid by the buyer. I take no responsibility for that. I have never had to pay any before so I doubt there will be any fees.

Due to the nature of these products. No refunds.

Buy separately or buy the whole lot for $1250 CAD which priced individually would be $1935 CAD Smile and save some money from the individual prices.

Thanks TSN. Smile 

- Scoti

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 08-31-2016, 09:07 AM
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I would love to take the 4K/8k Shapton off your hands. Very nice offerings, GLWTS.


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