09-01-2016, 05:40 AM
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For sale Shipping Priority CONUS PayPal Payment, $40
24mm badger Knot set 15mm deep into a discontinued Whipping Dog Resin Marble handle. Great brush used about 10 times, just not getting the love it should. Since I have same knot in a ceramic handle that I prefer.
Handle base to tips about 100mm
Top of handle to tips about 50mm
Widest part dry brush about 50m
Badger knot cost $53+ shipping
Whipping dog handle was $8
[Image: bf9b8ffab36d75bd330aa54f53aa055f.jpg][Image: 420510b9995176e108b1a1cd0f348865.jpg][Image: 1944ecedd7ad32e05fabfe490d1b66c3.jpg]

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