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All prices inclusive of ConUS shipping, PM for international shipping!


  1. Gillette NEW LC with common bar handle - $15 - Functionally almost perfect, blade alignment is spot-on and no play in any of the assembly. One tooth slightly bent and I have not attempted to correct. Plating is partially intact on the handle and mostly there on the baseplate, virtually gone on the top cap. Definitely on the higher end of "user grade".
[Image: Fed4SG9.jpg]

[Image: RIRiyjN.jpg]

[Image: 7LLuCWw.jpg]


  1. Savonniere du Moulin combo - $50 - Retails for $74 shipped. Includes both the original scented SdM (90g remaining) and limited edition SdM Tempete (91g remaining). The Tempete comes with a very handsome French ash wood bowl. High-quality performer and very dense soap that lasts a long time.
  2. CB Inspirazione di Parma - $11 - Retailed for $25 shipped, estimate 50% conservatively. Scent is a dupe of AdP Colonia, so it smells fantastic.




  1. CFG Summer Storm - $15 - Retails for $18 shipped. 90-95% remaining, at least. Only used 3-4x total. Great scent with grass, pine, citrus, ozone. Didn't agree with my skin though (a common thread here).
  2. Fine Fresh Vetiver - $13 - Retails for $18 shipped. 85-90% remaining. Dupe of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, excellent scent but again caused a reaction on my skin.
  3. Country Club Sweet Water - $13 - Retails for $18 shipped. 85-90% remaining. Dupe of Acqua di Gio, caused a skin reaction, have to pass it on.



  1. Dior Eau Sauvage 6.7oz / 200mL- $70 - Retails for $90 from discounters. Roughly 90% remaining. Beautiful fresh scent, with lemon over herbs and vetiver. Great re-imagining of the classic Eau de Cologne. Only selling this bottle because I have a backup.
  2. Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men 1.7oz / 50mL - $15 - Retails for $30 from discounters. 60-70% remaining. Probably the best-known one here, fresh spicy with tobacco, amber, ginger, and spices. Great cool weather scent.
  3. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men 1.6oz / 50mL - $13 - Retails for $20 from discounters. 80% remaining, give or take. Aromatic fougere with lavender, citrus, floral notes, and vetiver. Simple and classic.

[Image: gTjhut6.jpg]

[Image: GeAMbe5.jpg]

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Nice price on the NEW - should go pretty quickly.

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Pm sent

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Sorry for the delay in updates. Following items are sold or SPF:

- SdM soaps
- D&G and CK fragrances
- CB soap
- All 3 aftershaves

Still have the NEW LC and Eau Sauvage available.

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