09-08-2016, 01:14 PM
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This is a very nice mid-1940s gold ball end Tech handle, with just one spot of plate loss shown in the images, and three gold heads: two Tech heads with mild plate loss on the caps and one open comb head (possibly an Old Type) with some scratches but virtually no loss of plating.  All the teeth are straight on the open comb.  For now I'm only interested in selling all as a set.  Asking $25 shipped CONUS.

[Image: orGW2it.jpg][Image: YfXMj3E.jpg]

Tech head 1
[Image: uWUfn81.jpg][Image: D3seujN.jpg][Image: CThAJ11.jpg]

Tech head 2
[Image: iz74nJl.jpg][Image: nbIWcrw.jpg]

Open comb head
[Image: y6Bm4DG.jpg][Image: RrOcMwM.jpg]

[Image: qpc3Tnt.jpg]

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