09-17-2016, 05:51 PM
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Clearing some things out that aren't getting enough use.  Prices include domestic shipping.  For outside the US, I will ask for the difference between US shipping and shipping to your location.  Just send me a PM.  

First up is a Valet Auto Strop set.  I believe it is a Type A, but the strop indicates Type C.  It include the metal case, a cardboard box, strop, and seven stainless Feather blades.  The stainless are much better than the carbon for me.  I just realized it wasn't making it into the rotation enough to keep.  This razor is precise, efficient, and modestly aggressive.  The plating is in great shape and the teeth are straight and complete, along with the retention tabs.  $20 and it's yours.  SOLD

[Image: 9jrR1zU.jpg]
[Image: 4ntCxfq.jpg]
[Image: c9aTiRh.jpg]

Second is a tub of Castle Forbes Cedar and Sandalwood Cream.  It looks like a little over 5 oz remaining, or about 75%.  I like the stronger scent, especially for super lathering.  However, it does not agree with my water, and seems to perform superbly whenever I have traveled with it, but not at home in proximity to the Kansas and Missouri Rivers.  I paid $38, and see it's best price as $38.  $20 and it's yours.  SOLD

[Image: C6bl7Wd.jpg]
[Image: IAXt5ZN.jpg]

Lastly is two Ever-Ready brushes.  The F40 doesn't appear to to have been used.  The other is pretty beat up.  The handle in in the F40 has the two sections coming apart where the original adhesive failed.  It is really superficial, and could simply be glued back together, but I have left it in case the buyer wants to add some weight or something to that effect.  $10 take them both.  SOLD

[Image: eYg4aKa.jpg]
[Image: f0L7B7K.jpg]
[Image: qZKrT7A.jpg]

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PM sent.

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