09-18-2016, 08:32 AM
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Repackaging my Aristocrat Junior with some other items I was going to sell separately to create an unusual lot but I will also break up the lot if someone doesn't want all of the items:

Soaps are sold. Razor, brush and blades available for $60 U.S. 

British Aristocrat Junior WITHDRAWN
71g. There is some brassing on one side of the handle and in a few small spots on the head assembly and the finish on the doors is a bit hazy in places if you look closely. The handle on this one rotates (i.e. it isn't fixed against the head assembly). Many of these razors have this issue; however when the doors are closed, the handle can be fully tightened into the head assembly by turning the bottom portion of the TTO knob while holding the head assembly still. This ensures the head is fixed and won't move at all while the doors are closed. The doors are perfectly aligned and shut tightly and smoothly. User grade but a great shaver and a great way to try the Aristocrat family without paying triple digits.  

Rare La Toja Manantiales Shaving Soap in Custom Finished Bowl SOLD
57g remaining with scent fully intact. The bowl was purchased alone from another member who sealed it with urethane to protect the natural wood. 

Tallow first English Fern Shaving Soap (pictured with La Toja Manantiales) SOLD
30g remaining with scent fully intact.  

Semogue 1800 Boar Brush WITHDRAWN
One of the great boar brushes, particularly if you bowl lather. Very similar to the Semogue Barbear Classico Cerda but with a longer loft and handle.

Polsilver Super Irridium Blades WITHDRAWN
13 packs of 5

$90 $60 U.S. for the lot shipped CONUS or Canada with tracking.

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