09-26-2016, 12:34 AM
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Hello TSN! Just looking to clear the den out a bit, stuff is all in great condition just no longer needed.  Sorry for the low quality camera phone pictures. If you feel my prices are off, please feel free to discuss with me via PM. Paypal and shipping within the USA (tracking included). Thanks for looking.

Morris and Forndran Finest 26 mm brush in ebony. Brush is in great condition and hasn’t shed at all.  The brush performs phenomenally and super soft -- I’m the original owner purchased directly from Lee. $190 with priority shipping. $20 dollars lower than the chart listed for retail prices on M&F brushes.  SOLD

Razor and soap lot
iKon shavecraft 102 on polished special edition handle. A couple of minor blemishes from normal use. 75 blades included with razor and handle. Head retails for $45, handle (polished) is no longer in production but I paid $40 for it.

Shaver Heaven Artic Mango soap and aftershave, 1st Anniversary, Mickey Lee Reunion, Sapone Di Paolo Argume, YBF evergreen trio sample, MLS Colonia sample and 75 blades. Shaver heaven soaps retail for $13/AS $7; MLS retails for $16; Argume retails for $12.99. $80 with first class shipping for everything (total of 150 blades). 

[Image: cVGS3Uu.jpg]
[Image: CFzl4dS.jpg]
[Image: YB8rih3.jpg]
[Image: M7ue6ur.jpg]
[Image: tZ1mXus.jpg]
[Image: YSkfmhA.jpg]
[Image: pJmX3Ia.jpg]
[Image: qexQYUz.jpg]
[Image: RWwbK2r.jpg]
[Image: 9sBtUGn.jpg]
[Image: nlvGzgu.jpg]
[Image: 5py6oxo.jpg]
[Image: WuUflks.jpg]
[Image: JhM3mAO.jpg]
[Image: ua1WSbM.jpg]
[Image: RUQWg2V.jpg]
[Image: FHuYv6E.jpg]
[Image: YUpV0Ns.jpg]
[Image: g1DpZ7e.jpg]

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 09-26-2016, 11:54 AM
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Great deals.

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 09-27-2016, 05:24 AM
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Thanks jjfar. 

Brush sold. Razor and soap lot combined for a killer deal (looking to reduce the trips to the post office).

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