09-26-2016, 04:43 PM
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Selling these items now as a starter set at a reduced price:

British Gillette Aristocrat Junior - user grade
There is some brassing on one side of the handle and in a few small spots on the head assembly; and the finish on the doors is a bit hazy in places. The handle on this one rotates (i.e. it isn't fixed against the head assembly). Many of these razors have this issue. However when the doors are closed, the handle can be fully tightened into the head assembly with an extra 1/4 turn of the TTO knob while holding the head assembly still. This fixes the handle tight against the head and it won't move again until you open the doors to change the blade. The doors are perfectly aligned and shut tightly. This is a great shaving razor and solid at 71g.

Semogue 1800 Boar Brush
Used about a dozen times and not quite broken in. Very similar knot to the Semogue Barbear Classico Cerda (my all time favourite boar) but with a longer loft and handle - so it's great for bowl lathering (and quite manageable as a face latherer as well). 

Take the pair for $40 $35 U.S. shipped CONUS or Canada

[Image: wGS7QAZ.jpg][Image: ghkq9dh.jpg][Image: 7dD8bBi.jpg][Image: jUk3tmR.jpg][Image: dwDyCuw.jpg]

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Great Price here.
Great combo

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