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Just a few items I thought would work well for someone starting out. I'd like to move this along as a lot.

ORCHID ISLE 24x57 High Density 3 band Silvertip Brush. Handmade in the US 
A beautifully crafted gallery grade Cocobolo wood handle with Stand. A very ergonomic handle and an extremely soft knot with light to medium backbone. Whips up hard soaps and creams with ease. Used about 3 times, never shed a hair and is flawless. Retails: $85

Maggard V3 head 
Mild/Moderate aggressiveness closed comb head. Never used. Retail: $6.95

The Art of Shaving Handle
Chrome plated (Muhle Style) 3.5 handle. Paid $25

Le Pere Lucien — Traditional Scent 200G (NEW)
Retail: $33.95

[b]The Art of Shaving [/b]
2 Sample packs Pre-shave Oil

L'occitane After Shave Balm
1 oz. Tube. Used 3 times

B&M Kyovu Aftershave
Sample bottle

Various Blades
A few Feathers', A few Personna reds, and a full pack of Merkur super

Total  $150 not including the freebies. 
$95 includes Conus shipping

Would also consider trades 
[Image: Q2voMc4.jpg]
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[Image: lFvMsae.jpg]
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