10-01-2016, 08:22 AM
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For sale  is a like new Rocnel SE50 head paired with an ATT Kronas handle. Total weigh 5.1 oz. The head accepts Feather Pro and Pro Super blades as well as Kai blades. Shaves great and the blades last at a minimum of 10 shaves. The head is 3 pieces vs 2 pieces with other SE razors because it also uses a setscrew which is visible in the picture. To load a blade you remove the handle. Then the setscrew by hand or you can use a 3/16" Allen wrench (2.5 mm Allen works). You slide the top plate off and load the blade. Then screw on the setscrew and handle and good to go. It takes a little practice but it actually is very easy and fun to do.
note: also includes a Feather Pro blade

List from yourshaving.com  $126 + shipping (Spain)
My price with the ATT handle $120 but includes Priority Mail for USA or APO zip codes (Military) only.
I am only selling with the handle 

[Image: ocpIhvm.jpg][Image: 1sgZU5w.jpg]

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