10-01-2016, 11:09 AM
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Hello all,
I'm new here in that form and also in the wet shaving hobby (I just shave my 15 years beard last week).
I order a Dovo ASTRALE straight razor and Illinois strop and norton 4000/8000 stone.
I sow a lot of YouTube videos but I still didn't get it. What is the right maintenances to make?!
1.How many passes I need to do on the linen side of the stop before shaving and 2.how many passes on the leather side?
When do I need to hone the razor.
3.How many passes on each side(4000/8000).
(I sent the blade for a professional honing directly from the store)

Thanks you in advance,
Haran [Image: 8d9c31eed249b92788584e7bd237e129.jpg]

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 10-01-2016, 01:02 PM
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You won't need the Norton for a while. Learn to strop with s butter knife. Buy some vintage solingen razors to practice  your honing on before attempting the Dovo. 

Since it was pro honed you should be good for a few months or longer with food stropping and a drop of oil.

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 10-01-2016, 01:50 PM
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Practice stropping for the time being as mentioned. I'd suggest sending the razor out for honing until you do more research and educate yourself about razor honing. If you're in the US I would be glad to help.

A lot of people use the 4k/8k stone, but 8k is on the lower edge of razor honing, 12k is more like it and many people follow the Norton with Naniwa 12k.

For stropping, i usually do 20 fabric/40 leather after honing, and 20 leather after shaving.

You will not be able to just count strokes on the hone amd get an expected result unless you know more than you likely know now - basic razor honing concepts are bevel setting, edge refining (midgrits), and polishing (the 8k stone and up). There are many, many, ways to do this with both natural stones and synthetics.

Cheers, Steve

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