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One item for your consideration today

For Sale or Trade CONUS,Price includes Shipping CONUS Only and paypal please

VIE LONG Butterscotch # 13065S-1 Brown Horsehair Brush SOLD         Retail Euros 30.00   My price to you $15.00
No Tangling or matting in this brush , combs out like a badger or boar

Will also consider trades of comparable value in 

 Soaps  ( 3P,P160, etc) (Stirling,MamaBear,??)
 hardware (Hydro-Magic, need need a backup) (Everready Shovelhead) ( 1912)( Gillette???)
 Odd stuff is just odd stuff

Thank you Shave Nookers  or is it Nookies,

[Image: NhFNEEO.jpg]
[Image: 8nqOzlj.jpg]
[Image: ICn0J1g.jpg]

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