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Thought I might bump this back up from the dead. I've been reluctant to mark these down too much but I really need to get some stuff gone with my upcoming move. No sense in letting such wonderful razors just sit! Prices include USPS Priority shipping. As always if my prices are off, please feel free to make me an offer via PM.

Valet Auto Strop Type A - Asking $107 $70
This is a very early model from Valet. In production from 1904 to 1908, by serial number this one looks to be 1907 or so. It's silver (not nickel) plated and uses a push button release versus the later lever action models. Comes with original case, strop, used blade bank, new blade box (with NOS blades). I use a later model Valet on occasion and this one is a little more aggressive imo. 

More photo's here.

Here's are the before photos. As with any silver item it tarnishes so you will need to keep it polished!

[Image: GBUD3zM.jpg]

This is the second one of my Valet Push Buttons (pictured all the way to the left). This one is in a cardboard case that is in rough shape. The razor itself isn't quite as nice as the other one, but should polish up nicely! Again a great shaver. Asking $50

[Image: cTttHDo.jpg]

1940/41 Gillette Milady Tech - Asking $75 $50
I've always been geeked out by this razor. I used to love the way that Superspeeds shaved and this one is no different. I would take it traveling, however I no longer travel and it just sits. Plating isn't perfect, there's some brassing on the TTO doors, but still very nice overall. Comes with case and blades. 

More photos here.

 [Image: EG2yMat.jpg]

Gem/Ever-Ready Shaving Cabinet. Comes with all of the original mounting hardware. Very neat piece to have in your shave den, small enough to display easily. Asking $50

[Image: mCK4CdC.jpg]
[Image: CXDlx3W.jpg]
[Image: sguGVo0.jpg]

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