12-31-2016, 04:42 AM
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Finally the first shave.


Muhle R96 Black Handle Stainless Steel Razor
Feather Blade
PAA Lump Of Coal Soap
IP Big Bruce Synthetic
Stirling Soap Co Barbershop Balm
Paul Sebastian Spray Cologne

The loading of a blade is fool proof as the bottom and top plate fit together like a glove. The blade aligns perfectly. I would consider this razor mid aggressive as I do only two passes which is my custom. Either the razor shaves good or it doesn't. As the guy from Forged In Fire says "this will cut". A very very smooth and close shave with ease. If you are expecting an R41 or R89 shave it's not. It is better in my opinion. The head is nothing I have seen before and the guys at Muhle really did their homework. I have read that someone thought this razor under performed and even worse then the R89. I totally disagree. Of course this is only my first shave and things could change but I doubt it. The balance and grip are wonderful. This razor is a pleasure to use. Guys get one.

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 01-05-2017, 10:24 AM
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Two of the Birch Models R95 in stock at Muhle USA.com in Florida !!!!!!!!!!...mine should be here tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!.....now only one.....going..going....gone.....really like mine...handle is so cool...shave is great even with the enclosed Muhle blade......

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