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I wrote this on a different forum like 2 years ago :


I have been using Kells Original shaving soaps and I can totally recommend you.Kells has 3 different types of blends:Hemp blend,Aloe/Hemp blend and Ultra Aloe blend.I find that those soaps has a lot of skin care properties,great lubrication and the fragrances are really good,specially the Casbah Mint and Sandalwood(and I have heard good comments about the Lavender one)I also find that the Hemp/Aloe blend is the easiest to make a thick lather from.Those glycerin soaps just shows that tallow is not everything for making a great shaving soap.Maybe Ill sound heretic but I think that Hemp oil has the same properties that lanolin.
I just congratulate Kells (Dan) for making such good soaps and be a easy guy to deal with.

Since then I have tried them many times more with the same results : OUTSTANDING shaves with these great shaving soaps.The skin care properties of this soaps are simply top notch (I have a very dry skin),alongside soaps like Mitchells Wool Fat or Martin de Candre.

Their scents are good too (I tried the lavender one and I really like it) but my fav is still the Casbah Mint.

Its easy to make lather from this soaps as I shown in the next video (first part) with the Casbah Mint shaving stick.The second part of it,face lathering with painting movements its rubbish,since I didnt do it with the right technique,but if you apply my friend du212 facelathering tecnique (second video) would be as easy as to make lather with circular movements:

Great soaps for me! Kells Original Shaving Soap online store.

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