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I recently had the opportunity to test shave the new Supply Provision Injectors razor, courtesy of member Poonjaji.  Michael's continued generosity with his razors is impressive, he deserves all the members' thanks for putting his razors out to sail the world again and again (this is at least my third time being a stop on his tours, going back several years and at least two shaving forums).  Thanks once again Michael!

I have long been an injector aficionado, going back to the 1960's.  I own at least one of each of the Schick Types from A to O,   a couple PALs and one Personna Injector:  I've used them and have always appreciated the shave from that format more than any of the others. 
To the razor., which I'll refer to as the SP.  As already pointed out, it bears a strong resemblance to the nonadjustable  Personna circa  1970  (the SP is on top).  
[Image: l4gWbDs.jpg]
Solid stainless construction is likely sintered rather than machined.
While superficially similar, the SP is a much heavier tool, weighing in at 107 g, over four times that of the older Personna.  The SP is one serious tool.  The design is clean with nice lines.  Crafted of solid stainless (the manufacturer says handmade) that is probably sintered rather than machined, it is a relative bargain in stainless razors at a base price of $75  ($95 for the deluxe version, more later).
Loading was easily if carefully accomplished in the normal injector fashion, for my week I selected a modern Schick made in China (Chick).  That blade lasted all seven shaves, of which 6 were 4+ passes on a heavy beard.  It felt on the last shave as if it might have a couple more in it, but that's the blade, not the razor.   I started my tour stop with the medium (two dot) plate but quickly switched to the more aggressive, which I used for the balance of the week.  That was a perfect match for my beard. 
This razor shaved simply wonderfully.  I won't use the fanboys' mantra about "game changer", but this is one great shaver.  I liked the heft, which negates any tendency to pressure caused by its lightweight forebears.  The injector format, being the narrowest of the surviving formats, seems to shine brightest for me around the adam's apple and neck, where the wider blades don't go straight east-west very comfortably.    Despite the smooth grip I had no problems in that regard, but I have always put alum on my hands before shaving.   Because of it's design this one, unlike most of the classic injectors, will be a breeze to keep clean.
If there's any faults, they are minor:  First is that SP doesn't offer the razor with just the aggressive plate, to get that option you have to pony up for all three, even though you'll never use the other two the aggressiveness indicators on the plates face inward when assembled on the razor, making identification unwieldy when the plate is mounted.  This is probably not an issue except when you are switching plates around.  The second nit is the aggressiveness indicators on the plates face inward when assembled on the razor, making identification unwieldy when the plate is mounted.  Third, some may find it too weighty, I thought it was ok if marginally heavy, but longer than I find most useful in a safety razor.  Finally, the loose, rather tiny screw with spring that secures the plate to the razor head is tailor made for dropping down a sink drain.  I plan on asking SP for a backup part before I lose one, unless the mechanics have been improved Smile
Mine (Version 2) is pre-ordered for early November delivery, for which I received a discount that almost offsets the cost of purchasing the redundant plates.

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 10-15-2016, 09:58 AM
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Nice to know you are liking the SP razor, I also have preordered V2 and will be my first injector razor. People say when combined this razor with the Personna PTFE blades shaves like Gem with PTFE blades, so I ended up ordering bunch of blades Personna brand in GEM and Injector style. Supposedly the newer manufacturer is having tighter tolerances vs the  1st manufacturer so I think V2 will be good run production.

This will be my first injector razor and considering I have shaved with bunch of DE and lots of Gem razors I do like Gem's more, also noticed with the gem razors that if the top cap do not align proper with the safety bar does not affect the shave at all, as long as the blade aligns proper with the safety bar is all thats needed with SE razors, this is the reason I don't worry about small imperfection with the SP razor, fingers crossed I'll like it as much as you do.

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 10-15-2016, 12:49 PM
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Subscribed - curious to hear if the blade loading issue has been fully resolved in V2.

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 10-21-2016, 03:18 AM
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I am also subscribed. I have pre-ordered the V2, and am pretty stoked to try it. I love injector razors and the comfortable shaves they offer, I am hoping the aggressive plate of this one steps things up a notch from the others I have tried.

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