10-14-2016, 01:38 PM
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I have been itching to use Haslinger lately and has always been impressed by the amount of water you can push into the lather. The brush I have been using lately is more on the medium side of density and is a bit floppier and has excellent flow through. I was thinking it would be a great pairing as the more water the Haslinger can take will help fill up the feeling of a looser knot.

Yesterday I got back a brush I loaned out and it is the lowest lofted brush I have and I usually don't like brushes like these. But this was a knot that was set by me lower than I anticipated. So I was thinking for a lather hog brush, would this type of knot be better to use with a soap that likes a heavier load and doesn't require as much water, say like Mitchell's Wool Fat, Mystic Water, or Mé.

Is there any ideas, whether it be badger or not, where a thirsty soap vs a normal formulated soap is better suited with a dense knot vs a looser knot?

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 10-14-2016, 01:57 PM
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I personally always prefer a 2-Band dense badger or a boar for my harder soaps, because it makes loading much easier.

But my concern is more about the loading time on the soap and how effective it is at picking the soap up from the puck.
I'm not really focussed on whether the brush, once loaded, is dense og less densely packed.

But I don't own a floppy brush, other than my SOC Boar, but mine is only 3-4 uses in, so still great backbone.
My Thäters are quite densely packed, because they all are 4125 models.

Synthetics, even the soft floppy Plisson, all seem to be very effective at picking up even from very hard soap pucks.

If for some reason, I haven't loaded enough soap on the brush, I just go back to the puck for 2.nd pass.

I tend to load so much soap, that I often have to face lather for 4-5-6 minutes to get the lather I want.

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 10-14-2016, 03:00 PM
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Zac, firstly, for me, Haslinger is no thirstier of a soap than a few of the artisan soaps, such as Mystic Water, Mike's, Shannon's, etc.. Personally, I find Mystic Water to be one of the thirstiest soaps, I have tried.
Secondly, I find no apparent difference when it comes to using brushes and soaps. I just modify my technique to the particular brush and soap that I use. Havding said this, I much prefer using very dense and large 2-Band brushes.  Shy

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