10-16-2016, 10:06 PM
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for an ATT Kronos handle and the M1 and M2 base plates in trade for the following. Looking for all three in very good to excellent condition. Not interested in other trades at this, though I'm open to different combos of these items for the ATT gear I'm looking for. All sales CONUS.

Now looking for M1 base plate. Also would trade the EJ Chatsworth brush in faux horn (not sold outside UK) and the Ikon Satin OSS head paired with OSS handle for an ATT inkwell stand. I'm opening these up for sale CONUS with shipping and tracking.

Thanks for having a look. 

Don't know what's going on with the pics posting sideways so I included a direct link to imgur as well. Links to pics

Thater 4125/1 2 band in Ivory, excellent condition. Goes for $155 at BullGoose. WTT for ATT M2 Plate and Kronos handle Thater is TRADED
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Synthetic Silvertip in horn 21mm. This knot takes a small amount of product and whips it up quickly into more lather than my badger brushes a notch larger (bought from member from UK, haven't seen this brush sold outside the UK). If I found a silvertip badger in this same handle shape but larger, I'd grab one. Superb for travel (for ATT M1 base plate) or $45   $40
Ikon OSS Satin Stainless Head and OSS handle Excellent condition. Efficient shaver on the milder side (for one of the ATT M1 base plate or combined with the EJ Chatsworth for a Kronos handle and an M baseplate). B1 version with same handle at Maggards is $120. Yours with shipping and tracking for $70    $63  OSS SOLD 

I'll only be able to respond to the first messages for a short time this evening, in the AM PDT and then I can get to more in the evening. 

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 10-20-2016, 12:44 AM
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Thater  SOLD

Ikon OSS Razor SOLD 

EJ UK only Chatsworth synthetic silvertip in horn  Still available $40

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 10-27-2016, 02:55 PM
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