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I'm selling this Chubby 2 Best for $135.  It'll be shipped Priority Mail in the U.S., with shipping cost included in the price.  Current retail price is $178.80 where I drop most of my shaving money.  Payment through Paypal is preferred.

I bought this brush new a couple of years ago and have used it less than a dozen times.  It has a nice, uniform, dense knot, and is in perfect condition.  The only evidence that it's not new is that is has no wet dog smell.  It scratched my Chubby itch and showed me that I prefer smaller knots, so it's time to let someone else own it.  I'd prefer to sell it to someone on the forum who hasn't tried a Chubby and wants to scratch his itch for a little discount.  I'm counting on the honor system for you Chubby chasers to let some new guy have this one!  If it doesn't sell in a reasonable amount of time, I'll be glad to let a current Chubby owner have it.

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