10-17-2016, 03:04 PM
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Evening TSN!

I am looking to sell the following software lot.

It WILL be sold as a lot ONLY, and will be available CONUS or CONUS addresses ONLY.

The lot consists of pictured software that includes:

1 B&M Night Music Soap (lathered 1X/retail price approx $20.00)
1 OSP Neroli (lathered 1X/retail price $20.95)
1 OSP Fougere (100%/retail price $20.95)
1 OSP Lavender (lathered 1X/retail price $20.95)
1 Tim's Soap Ghostface Nilla (100%/retail price $14.95)
2 B&M Night Music Splashes(98%/100%/retail price approx $20.00/piece)
1 Fine American Blend Splash (100%, but has been opened to smell/retail price $15.00)
1 Fine Clean Vetiver Splash (98%/retail price $15.00)
1 Fine Lavender Pour Homme Splash (100%/retail price $15.00)
1 PAA Lavender Cedar Splash (95-98%/retail price $24.95)
1 PAA Pomegranate Bay Splash (98%/retail price $19.95)

Lot Retail Total: $227.00/ asking $175.00 which includes Priority Shipping.

                                           All these products are exceptional products IMO; I am just selling these to fund another acquisition.

Thanks for looking, and please PM if interested.

[Image: g2cM6VP.jpg]

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 10-17-2016, 04:05 PM
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