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Okay, so last week may father asked me, as ust a side remark, abou wet shaving, and mentioned he was getting tired of his Braun electric razor (he has been using their top model Braun for 25+ years now, upgrading to the newest top model every 4-5 years)

The electric never really gave him a close shave, especially on his neck it was lacking severely in the closeness of shave department.

I did ask him about wet shaving 3-4 years ago, and told him I was a fan and he knows a thing or two about the huge den I have at my condo.
He also knows i'm a huge fragrance addict, as I gave him my almost 80% full 40+ bottles collection of after shaves and EDT's, when I moved from my parents 25 years ago or so, and he still to this day have 3-4 bottles left from that old collection of mine and they still smell wonderfull now here in 2016.
Back then my father did not seem interested, so I never asked him again about that subject.

But now last week he all of a sudden out of nowhere begins to start asking question about wet shaving, and that he is getting tired of his Braun electric shaver.
My father is 85 ½ years old, so I would call this a late start to the wet shave world, but it's never too late is it  Thumbup

I'm in my 40's now, an I have been wet shaving with a brush since 1996, and I have a rather big collection of everythng wet shaving realted, except DE razor, and staraight razors - I dols all my 50-60 DE razors this year, as I found I prefer Fusion carts for 1.st pass and Mach 3 carts for 2.nd pass + touch up and a Single Edge razors (Own the ATT SE1 and soon SE2)

So I called him yesterday about our planned dinner meet up today, and as a side remark asked if he still considered starting wet shaving, or what.....
He replied, that he thought about giving it a go after this mornings yet abother lousy shave with the top model Braun electrical razor or his. 

My father is very open minded and will take advice, so I'm a littel bit excited today, because today will he his first real wet shave day of his life.

He is coming later to pick his first real starter gear up. I feel kind of proud, that I, his son in his 40's, has to learn my father, in his 80's, to real wet shave  Biggrin

I considered giving him one of my boars, one of my badgers and a synthetic - but knowing him and how he treats stuff, I think it's best to let him start with 2 great synthetics, that does not need soaking and is very low maintenance.

So I looked at my 14 synthetic brushes, which I all have backups from and decided to give him two of my unused backup synthetic brushes.
I ended up giving him my two new backups of of my Maggard Razors synthetics, because they are large enough to use comfortable in a bowl, they suit larger hands so my father at age 85 will not accidentaly drop the brush, and the handle will fit the porcelaine bowl I'm also givng him today. Though I recommedn to face lather, but now he has both alternatives covered.

I'm talking about these 2 synthetics:

[Image: Maggard-Razors-Synthetic-Shaving-Brush-M...50x350.jpg]
[Image: Maggard-Razors-26mm-Synthetic-Granite-Ha...50x350.jpg]

Together here:
[Image: leg3jVr.jpg]

My father used to use an older Gillette DE razor in plastic box with blue bottom and clear plastic lid. Can't remember the name of it.

But he never really got into it. He is not quite into the same need for high quality stuff, that I am. So he is quite easy to please and make content in life in general. He is a very relaxed laid back person.

I'm not even sure he used a brush with the DE razor. 
Will ask him late today. He is coming to Copenhagen this afternoon to pick his present up, and I'm going with him to his condo, where I will make him dinner, drink a bottle or two of Amarone red wine and most importantly, I will assit him in his maiden real first traditional wet shave, before I/we make dinner an start zipping red wine  Tongue

The start up kit I'm givinvg my father for free as a present will be this:

Merkur 34 HD DE razor
100 pack of Polsilver DE blades
Bolin Webb X1 Silver/Black Fusion razor handle

Myrsol Emulsion Pre shave cream
Myrsol Antesol Pre shave splash

Tabac shaving soap in porcelaine bowl
Cella 180 gram in bowl from 1 kg brick
St. James Black Pepper & lime shaving cream
Palmolive shaving stick soap
Proraso Red shaving cream
Proraso Red shaving soap
Itaala porcelaine shaving bowl
Maggard 24 mm Synthetic
Maggard 26 mm Synthetic
Pitralon Polar After shave splash
Speick After shave Splash

He will do his maiden shave, and I will laern him how to use the soap stick, the soap, the creams, difference between bowl lathering and face lathering, facial hair growth pattern mappring and all that good stuff.

Hope he will enjoy his first real venture into traditional wet shaving  Bow

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 10-26-2016, 12:06 AM
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That's very nice of you Claus, I hope he likes the shave. Maybe if watches a few shaving videos, that will further entice him to try. It was my gateway. I started with a single Parker TTO, and then YouTube videos came and I was hooked. Those soap reviews.. 

Let us know how it works out! Smile

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 10-26-2016, 12:12 AM
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Great read, Claus! But shouldn't you give him a taste of both worlds and go for one synth plus one boar or (preferably) badger instead? There's always LS or Virginia Sheng if your lineup is only premium and you are worried for his brush care.

And do post back post shave!

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 10-26-2016, 02:00 AM
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(10-26-2016, 12:06 AM)1Geralt Wrote: That's very nice of you Claus, I hope he likes the shave. Maybe if watches a few shaving videos, that will further entice him to try. It was my gateway. I started with a single Parker TTO, and then YouTube videos came and I was hooked. Those soap reviews.. 

Let us know how it works out! Smile

Will report back, how it went  Smile

(10-26-2016, 12:12 AM)Halvor Wrote: Great read, Claus! But shouldn't you give him a taste of both worlds and go for one synth plus one boar or (preferably) badger instead? There's always LS or Virginia Sheng if your lineup is only premium and you are worried for his brush care.

And do post back post shave!

I contemplated a badger and a boar, but in the end decided - based on my father and how he is as a person - to go with two synthetics to a start.
My father does not pay much attention to detail about the stuff he owns in general - not that he mistreats things, but lets just say, that he is the type, that will forget to soak a boar or wet a badger before using it, unless it screams at him. Therefore two synthtics were my obvious, and dare I day better suited choices for him. Wet them, use them.
He also would forget to dry a badger/boar properly, and not shake the excess water out, again not such a big problem with a synthetic.

I don't know if he will continue with it, so a badger brush might also be too much to start out with, if he fails at liking it over his electric razor and just let it sit in the corner like he has done with several of my expensive fragrances and other stuff, that just collect dusts on the shelfs.

A boar demands 20-30 uses before it works at its prime, so I think a boar these days is NOT something I would want as a new comer to the wet shaving world, when we have synthetics, that now perform like they do.

A boar would definitely be something I would consider giving him, if he continues the wet shaves for a couple of months, and down the road then a prime badger brush, og at least something like Semogue SOC Cherry.

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 10-26-2016, 04:08 AM
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Great story Claus.  You've set up your father well and he will have an excellent mentor.  Now he needs to become a TSN member.  I don' t know if we have any father and son members here.

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 10-26-2016, 04:16 AM
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Nice story Claus - your father is in good hands and won't get steered wrong.

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 10-26-2016, 07:11 AM
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Very nice read Claus. It reflects the strong bond you share with the old gentleman.

Whenever my father visits me I ensure that he goes thru the same wet shaving regime as I do.

He is 73 now and I am of the opinion at this age parents need to be treated and cared as children.

Many thanks for the detailed description. I can visualize him to return back a proud father....

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 10-26-2016, 07:44 AM
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Claus, excellent, my friend and I hope everything goes well with your father's 'real' first wet-shave! Thumbup

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 10-26-2016, 07:47 AM
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What a nice start-up gift to send him into a possible new interest. I'll be 81 in early December and would like to be your substitute father when he's not available.  Biggrin

And, to Jags009 who says, "He is 73 now and I am of the opinion at this age parents need to be treated and cared as children", I say, I beg your pardon!

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 10-26-2016, 08:09 AM
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(10-26-2016, 07:47 AM)beamon Wrote: What a nice start-up gift to send him into a possible new interest. I'll be 81 in early December and would like to be your substitute father when he's not available.  Biggrin

And, to Jags009 who says, "He is 73 now and I am of the opinion at this age parents need to be treated and cared as children", I say, I beg your pardon!

Yes my father as other old men his age need to be cared like a child. I feel it this way. Don't pick on the lines Sir. Please try to understand the emotion with which the topic was approached by self....

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 10-26-2016, 11:31 AM
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Way to go, Claus! Your Dad should be admired for desiring to try something new at his present stage of life. Most of the men I know of his generation are very set in their ways, and aren't interested in making changes. He'll be able to "shop" for new supplies whenever he comes to visit you, and you two will continue to deepen your mutual bond.

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 10-26-2016, 11:42 AM
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Excellent Claus.

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 10-26-2016, 11:59 AM
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Claus, I mean this sincerely, you are a good son. I was surprise that you father never wet shaved in all his life. I only say that because my father is 82 and I have fond memories of watching my him shave with a Gillette Slim. You've done right in setting him up so well.   Thumbup

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 10-26-2016, 12:24 PM
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As a young 70 year old, I am pleased to read this.  Father and son bonding is always a good thing, no matter who the teacher is and how old they are.

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 10-27-2016, 01:42 AM
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Thank You, Gentlemen for your comments.

I showed this thread to my father and he read it all with a big smile on his face  Smile

I found his old Gillette DE razor, but unfortuntaley forgot to take a photo of it, but it looks pretty similar to this one, which I found on Google pics:

[Image: 5E6z6u1.jpg]

First I started out explaining him what a pre shave product is, that you can get it in an oil base, cream base and as a splash - and some prefer it, most don't feel it does anything.
I for one like my pre shave product, and adviced him to consider using one or both (not at the same time though, but the cream in winter time and the splash in summer time), that I gave him (Proraso Red cream and Myrsol Antesol splash)

I also pointed out that the pre shave routine is key to a good comfortable shave. If you skip a proper pre shave routine, chances are you are in for mediocre to poor shave, whether you use a straight, a DE/SE or a cart razor. Doesn't matter. Skip the pre shave routine, the shave itself will suffer and so will you and your good mood that day.

I then explained him the differences between the shaving creams and soaps I gave him.

First I started by shawing him the Proraso Red shaving cream in the tube, and the Proraso Red shaving soap in container and the Proraso Red post/after shave cream in the glass pot and explained the differences between them and what he could/should use them for. He loved the sweet earthy Proraso Sandalwood scent. Loved it. 

Then we went to his bathroom, and he cleaned a shelf and made an entire shelf ready for all the new stuff. 
He loved the Itaala porcelaine shaving bowl, and actually suggested he could use a green plastic bowl instead, because the Itaala porcelaine bowl was so pretty, that it would be a shame if he dropped it on the floor. I told him NO! - it was a present from me, and that he shoud use it for shaving, and not let it collect dust in the corner of a cupboard. Use it now. If he drops it, I'm buying him a Fine Lather bowl instead or a scuttle from Schwarzweiss Ceramic in Germany.

I then demonstrated him how to make a bowl lather in the Itaala bowl. We have hard water here in the Copenhagen area in Denmark, so he was quite surpised over how hard I had to whip with the brush in order to make the lather. I let him try to whip, and he just whipped for 10 seconds and thought the lather looked fine for shaving purposes. It didn't.
I whipped and whipped, and after 4-5 minutes got the bowl 50% filled with thick lather, shod him the peaks on the lather, and that he shoudl look for that, unless he eants it real thick, then look for the peaks in the lather. Finally I picked up a big amount of bowl lather on the brush, turned the brush upside down, and said that when you can do that without the lather falling down by gravity, and you see the peaks, your lather is just about perfect.

He tried to whip up a bowl lather after that, but never really succeded, because he whipped too gently. I told him it's a learning process. Rome wasn't built in one day after all Tongue

On to face lathering, my preference. And perhaps also my fathers preference.

Took the St. James Black Pepper & lime heavy glass pot, and showed him he ways to pick up the cream: finger, brush or a spoon.

He proceeded to wet his face.
He then took the brush and loaded it with St. James Black pepper & lime. Continued to face lather, it was dry. Very dry. Adviced him to hydrate it with drops of water on the brush tips. It started to look better, yet still too dry. Far too dry. He hydrated it more. A littel bit better. Too dry. More water added to the brush tips. Better. He had trouble using the brush. Was too gentle. I adviced him push the brush more into the face, not smahsing it, just using the brush more deeply to create the lather. So he did. But still not quite there. The lather started to flake. I took mover and actually face lathered the first person beaides myself in my life. I showed him how to use the brush, how much pressure to use on the face to create the lather properly. In the end, the lather was ok, but not quite up my own standards, But hey, I'm face lathering my own father here  Tongue

He then took a cloth an cleaned his face. Next up was the soaps.

Tabac is on the harder side of a shaving soap, but not really really hard, but you might need to add a bit moisture to the top part of the soap, in order to make it easier to work up the lather. He had trouble getting the feel for loading on top of the Tabac puck, as it's pretty hard in texture (not the hardest of soaps though, but for a beginner it may feel as a hard soap). My father knew the scent, but it's not one of his favourites. This is funny, because I knwo for fact he used Tabac deodorant and after shave, when I was a kid, and I actually thnk he is the one to blame for me kind of liking this scent to day, because I have fond memories of my father using Tabac, and getting whiffs of this kind of weird strong scent in the mornings. He told me tonight that he adored the Old Spice scent, but only used Tabac, when everything else was empty.....it was his backup of backups Biggrin 
But as a frag head and fragrance nut case, I actually kind of enjoy this strong weird rose-floral-woody-tobacco leaf scent. Not my favourite scent, but I like it. And the Tabac shaving soap performs pretty close to the top of shaving soaps, so accept the scent and embrace the shaving soap performance, I adviced my father Tongue   

He again prefeered to face lather Tabac. It was still far too dry. Had to instruct him again. He was still too gentle with the brush. Adviced him several times to add more water and use a bit more foce with the brush. Still far too dry. I took over for the second time and face lathered Tabac on his face. The result was prety good. Quite thick lather. He cleansed it off his face and got ready for the last soap/craop and for the actual shave with Cella. 

Cella is more like a croap. I gave my father a quite generous amount from my 1 kg brick of Cella. I had a classic looking wooden empty container from Executive shaving in Scotland, and filled that to the brim with what felt like was 160-180 gram of PURE Cella. Now the 1 kg brisk just performs better than the red plastic container. It just does. You can hardly find a better performing croap out there, than Cella for the price. IMPOSSIBLE. I also made him try Cella. At first he thought the almond/marzipane scent was weird, but when i told him it was actually suppoed to smell like Italian Almond trees, he made a trurn around - and when I said Italian barbers buy this 1 kg brick of Cella and use in their barber saloons, he was hooked already. My father wetted the top of the Cella puck slughtly, and decide to face lather once more. It went better already. Still too dry at the beginning, and too dry later on, but he already was improving his face lathering technique - after 2 minutes more, the lather was actually acceptable, not great, but acceptable.

He had to pick between the Merkur DE and the Bolin Webb Fusion.
I shut up. He picked the Bolin Webb for first pass. It went smooth. 3 minutes later, he relathered with the brush and the lathr was surprisingly good looking. Thick and moist at the same time. He then picked the Merkur HD with the new Polsiver and made a 2.nd pass. Went smooth.
This Cella was his favourite lather of the night  Number_one

Finally rinsed his face in cold water and applied some Speick after shave and a dab of cologne/EDT at the end.

Afterwards, when we went to the kitchen and opened the Amarone red wine, he said he has never felt better and more soft and smooth on his face than now.

He will definitely continue this new way of shaving  Sbathroom_grooming_shaving_100-100

Thanks for reading  Thumbup

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 10-27-2016, 02:59 AM
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 10-27-2016, 03:11 AM
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Claus, that was a good read. In my opinion and given your father's age, I think it is best for him to use synthetic and a rather easy to lather soap like MdC. But, I have yet to encounter a soap/croap/cream that can't be lathered by a synthetic.

Happy shaves to your father!


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 10-27-2016, 04:03 AM
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Thanks Claus for the uplifting share! Never too old to venture into new territory, its so memorable to be able to share your passion with him.

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 10-27-2016, 04:46 AM
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excelent Claus

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Excellent! I got my dad the same Maggard 24mm synthetic in black as his "first" wet shaving brush, and he hasn't looked back. Those synthetics are the perfect starter brush.

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