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This is the ninth interview in a series with the artists, authors, craftsmen, and vendors who make wet shaving great. Todays interview is with Juan from Gifts and Care

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Today’s interview is with Juan from Giftsandcare.com. Juan and his wife are known for great customer service and great prices on both brushes and hard to find creams and soaps as well as fast and reasonable shipping from Europe. Juan’s specialty is Vie Long Brushes and you’ll find more models and sizes of these brushes there than anywhere else on the internet. I’d like to thank Juan for taking some time out of his busy schedule for us today.

First of all Juan, tell us a bit about yourself

First of all as some people knows I want to mention that my wife is the person fully dedicated to Gifts&Care.com. I enjoy very much participating in forums… etc but she’s the one that makes things happen! Regarding myself, I was born in 1974. I can’t remember exactly when I started to shave but I’m wet shaving since the late eighties. I can remember just 2 products that I took from my father, Vie-Long shaving brush and Lea shaving cream. I can’t even remember the aftershave! At that time in Spain we didn’t have many products to choose from. I enjoy playing football (soccer in USA!) and still manage or try to play once a week.

What are your favorite items to use for your daily shave?

Not easy to choose but here is my list; Myrsol Emulsion both as pre or after is always in my rotation, Castle Forbes Lime or Proraso soap, Vie-Long 16505 two band, Merkur Progress, Iridium right now, As for Aftershaves, I’m a fan of balms Proraso and now enjoying very much Fitjar Folgefonn. We’re reaching 40ºC in Spain during this summer and this balm is really refreshing!

Tell us a bit about Gifts and Care. When did you and your wife decide to step into the wet shaving business?
In 2009 when our daughter arrived we knew we had to change something. In Spain unfortunately it is not easy to combine work and family responsibilities. Our jobs didn’t allow us to really take care of our daughter. My wife was working in sales and was leaving at 8am from home and coming back at 7pm, and I had a similiar schedule. So, it was not in our plan to leave at our daughter at the kingarden at 8am and pick her up at 7pm. After thinking and considering different projects, we both decided that she would be the one taking the risk and move ahead establishing Gifts&Care.com, which gave some flexibility to combine both responsibilities, work and family.

You have the widest range of brushes from Vie Long of any shaving site on the internet. How did your business relationship with Vie Long Develop into what it is today?

When we started with Gifts&Care.com the objective was to be available to supply all Spanish shaving products and having a range as wide as possible of not just Vie-Long but Myrsol, Floid, La Toja & Lea. The idea is that if any wet shaver in the world is looking for a Spanish shaving products, our shop comes to their mind as a place where they can find any of them. Basically we want to be strong in the products manufacturer close to us, in our home country. Same as when I look to British retailers they have huge ranges of British products, or when you look at German retailers they got everything from their country, we tried to do the same with our local products. I didn’t mention US retailers, you have such a good retailers over there that they carry wide ranges of any product from anywhere! Some good examples over there to look at and learn. In the case of Vie-Long it was even easier because they’re also located in Valencia. So, it’s much easier to offer a wide range, have a good stock management, looking at things face to face….etc. I’ve been also for instance at Myrsol facilities in Barcelona, but it’s obvious that short distances make things much easier.

You offer customization on brushes as well (custom lofts, etc). Please share with us the process for ordering a custom brush from Giftsandcare.com

Nothing extraordinary behind it. One of the most common requests we get especially from US shoppers is to get Vie-Long shaving brushes with a shorter loft. When a customer orders a certain shaving brush, the customer just needs to purchase the shaving brush as usual and if loft offer as standard is not what customer is looking for, they just need to type in comment area desire loft express in mm; for instance, instead of 57mm loft on this horse brush I want 52mm or 48mm.

What new products do you plan to stock in the new few months for wet shavers?
We are in contact with some suppliers right now, not all will happen of course but I can maybe mention the ones that will be a fact soon is the new Musgo Real range. We just added the Simpson & Fitjar brands. Speick will come in September. Other brands are on the list but nothing concluded. We have summer vacation just around the corner so we will review all alternatives again in September.

I would like to thank you The Shave Nook for their interest to know something else about us and the forum members for taking the time to read the interview

Juan and his wife can be found at Giftsandcare.com. He’s constantly running great specials on great products for Nook membership. Thank you so much Juan for for giving us more info on Giftsandcare.com and best of luck in the future.

This will be the last weekly interview for a bit. I do have an interview with Mark Watterson covering the Vulfix side of things which should be ready soon, as well as a couple of surprises that haven't materialized yet. I'd like to thank everyone for reading the interviews and for the encouragement. I'd like to thank Phil and the Mod team here at the Nook for allowing me to do these interviews and I'd like to thank each person who took the time to answer questions for the betterment of the community.

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Excellent interview with Juan. A true gentleman.

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 08-07-2012, 03:24 AM
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Thank you Juan and Dave!

An excellent read- Juan, what a great way to start out a business! Kudos to you and your wife, for finding an alternative that allowed you both to raise your daughter with more time dedicated to the family Clap

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Another great read, thanks Dave and Juan.

This has been a superb series of interviews. The personalisation of some of the vendors that our membership regularly visit online has made the (often impersonal) internet based shopping experience for me (and I'm sure others) infinitely more rewarding.

I look forward to when this series is picked up again in the future.

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I"ll agree Ben. These are not faceless corporations. Phil, Juan, Joe, Mike, Bruno, Michael, Brian, Mark, and Greg are all wet shavers who started businesses or wrote books based around their love of wet shaving and the desire to put good products or good instruction into our hands. Phil, Mike, Juan, Bruno, Joe, Brian, and Greg all started their businesses based off what they feel is a need in the community and it's something they seem to enjoy doing and they do a great job. Mark Watterson is continuing his family business as well as doing a great job maintaining the Simpsons lineage as well. Wet shaving would be rather boring in the US were it not for our spectacular vendors. We'd have Williams, VDH, Wilkinson Blades and whatever else Walmart has in stock. Amazon might be a good source, but again, thats a corporation. When I order something from anyone listed above, I know that part of that money is going to acquiring something else or designing something else that will make me spend more of my money instead of just sitting in a bank and gathering interest.

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Another good interview,Dave.
Thanks to Lorena and Juan for answering the questions and let us know about them.
Gifts and Care is another example of a top notch service online store!

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Great Vendor, resolved a broken bottle of aftershave quickly , had replacement within days. Very friendly and helpful with questions .

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Great interview Dave. I love shopping at G&C. I've always received top notch service!

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Thanks for another great interview Dave and thanks to Juan for the fantastic service. I've purchased a couple of Vie-Long brushes from him and their service is excellent.

Kudos to him and his family for making employment changes to spend more time with their daughter! And fortunately it works out for us here at the Nook as well. Wink

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Great interview. Gifts and Care is a top notch vendor. Always easy to work with.

Dave, Thanks for these interviews. I always learn something that I didn't know.


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Dave, thanks for putting together another enjoyable interview Smile

Juan, thank you for sharing some of your (and wife's) story with us here on The Shave Nook Thumbsup

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Great interview and a great vendor!

Thank you Dave and Juan!

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Another great interview, Dave.
Both you and Juan did a great job. Thanks to both of you.

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Thank you Juan for a wonderful insight into your business and family.

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Thanks again, Dave, for another excellent interview and Juan, it is much appreciated that you took the time to do this for the members here at The Shave Nook. Thumbsup

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A few years back I put in a small brush order with Gifts and Care and emailed a question about my order shortly afterward. Juan could not reach me by email so he called personally from Valencia to my home in California. I have never experienced customer service of that level of concern. Great vendor.Smile

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An interesting interview. Thanks to both.

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Another stellar article and interview Dave. Juan, thank you for taking the time to do this and for the insight in to your business and personal life.

Don't keep us hanging to long Dave, these interviews are great.

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Thank you for the interview, Gentlemen, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I enjoy reading all of these interviews Dave! And a big thanks to all the vendors as well! Cool

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