10-27-2016, 12:30 PM
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[The Goods]

Up for grab is my Black AlumiGoose V1 with 5 4 packs of blades. I bought this new for $95 CONUS shipped from another BST several months ago. Probably 10-15 shaves with it. My face just doesn't agree with it. Of note this does not come with the original box. 


Also got 5 4 different blade packs with ~80 blades left total (see list below + pics -- 2 packs are new/unused and I've used 2 or 3 blades per pack for the 3 others). List of blade packs:
  1. Kai Captain Titan Mild Blades, 20-Pack (opened)
  2. Feather AC Pro Guard Blades 15-Pack (opened)
  3. Feather AC Professional Super Blade 20-Pack (opened)
  4. Kai Captain Titan Mild Pro Touch MG Blades 15-Pack (new)
  5. Feather Artist Club Professional Blade 20-Pack (new)

[The Price]

I would prefer to sell it as lot, but OK with breaking the lot, too. All prices are CONUS shipped (PM me for Canada or elsewhere):
  1. The Goose alone for $80 (Unclear how much V1 was priced at, but the V2 is currently listed at $99 at maggards.com. )
  2. All 5 4 blade packs for $65 (all 5 packs new total $100+ excluding shipping at maggards.com)
  3. Take both the Goose and all blade packs for $150 $135
  4. Or PM an offer if you'd like to take the Goose with specific blade packs.

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