11-03-2016, 07:34 AM
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The Brutalt Soap has been sold, but take everything else pictured for $25 shipped (US shipping only please)

Here's what's included:
1. Semogue 2000 Boar ($20 new)

2. Razorock Bruce Synthetic ($10 new)

3. Vintage Ever Ready Brush

4. Personna injector straight razor. Made in Japan

5. Sample of Stirling Executive Man Soap.

6. A nice sample of DE blades (Feather, Gillette Silver Blue, Astra SP)

[Image: 5e86d7abd39b380198a9ade7d458c8eb.jpg]

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 11-03-2016, 07:40 AM
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GLWS....I own a tin of the BrusaltBra.....very nice soap....wonderful lather and pretty slick to boot!

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 11-03-2016, 08:05 AM
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Yep. Great soap! Like I mentioned, it has already sold, but the other items are available and ready to ship!

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