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*****Withdrawn***** I am going to restock on blades and try these out with something other than GSBs. 

I recently got into ATT and I love the quality. I started with the S2 and went from there. These give some outstanding close shaves. Unfortunately my purdy little face can not stand the Open Comb plates. I want to trade these for Closed Comb versions. Not interested in the H plates. I also already have an S1. All of these have been polished to a mirror shine, except on the mating surfaces. If you have another stainless steel razor or another item in mind, shoot me a pm. 

To be clear

If you have both an M1 and R1 and would like to try a slant, I can offer the complete S2 head

I would trade my M2 and R2 for your M1 and R1. 

***Edit- polished mix match***Just thought about polished plates not matching unpolished caps for potential traders. 

If you have both M1 and R1, I can send you my polished cap and you send me yours. That way you have a polished cap to match the polished baseplates. 

ATT new retail 

S2 head $146
R2 plate- $73
M2 plate- $73
Cap - $73

Used ATT retail
Each piece $58

[Image: TYfnO60.jpg]
[Image: EtjS3qc.jpg]

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