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It's never to early to shop for the Holidays and it also never a bad thing to treat yourself. In the photo below you can see our Above the Tie products. We offer first class stainless razors to fit every need and preference.

Our selection includes solid bar and open comb heads of differing aggression levels. Also, slant razors with either solid bar or an open comb design. By the way we are the only manufacturer of a machined stainless steel open comb slant on the market. Our newest additions to our growing stainless line is our single edge or "SE" razors these come in a solid bar or an open comb. Once again we are the manufacturer fully machined stainless steel open comb SE razor. Our razors can also be bought in five or seven piece sets.  This allows variety and customization for less cost. For your convenience our razor parts are interchangeable.

Other Above the Tie items includes the stainless Ink Well razor stand. It will accommodate any of our razor handles. We offer Hand made Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brushes. No two a re exactly alike, made by a local artisan here in Tennessee. You will not be able to purchase a better quality brush for the money anywhere.

Two years ago we partnered with Razor Rock to offer a wonderful shaving soap Orange Blossom and Jasmine. An excellent lathering and slick soap with a nice classic pleasing scent. Just try it. You will be glad you did.

Lastly, is our hand made Above the Tie Horween leather razor travel cases. First quality supple leather from the Horween Leather Co. of Chicago that will last for years.

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