11-09-2016, 03:46 AM
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So I bought a jar of this and scooped out with a clean spoon to make a shave stick in what's labeled as a 2 oz container.  I cannot guarantee how much is left except for what you see in the photo. I would presume it is at least half probably more but cannot guarantee it.  It's nice soap with a great scent and provides a nice shave.  I have so much however I like to keep things moving.  
This retails for $20 plus shipping. I will sell you what's left for $10 shipped conus.  One caveat, so it doesn't cost me more to ship I will scoop out the remaining into the container pictured.  It is a clean container that seals well, as I have many of them that I use and they keep things very well sealed.  Your chance to try this nice clone without a large investment.   [Image: b043a4e995bf3f621acde8596777a8f3.jpg]

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