11-11-2016, 03:21 PM
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Today I received a notice that the Wunderbar was available for purchase. I was on the waiting list, but over the course of time waiting, I have made a few razor acquisitions: X3, PAA Grackle DOC, M2 Gillette Slim Adjustable, Blackbird with OC, and a black Hawk. As such, I am putting my spending on hold and will spend more time with these other new razors.

Although very tempting, I must pass for now. Nevertheless I feel obligated to tell you guys that may be waiting for this opportunity that the Wunderbars are indeed on the Italian Barber website for purchase. I would hurry if you had been waiting because I do not know how long they will be available.

Goodluck and I hope those that are still interested can snag one! Let me know if you were able to order one. Happy shaving.

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