11-13-2016, 06:43 AM
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I have 90 treet platinums I would like to trade for other blades. I am envisioning each side throw 5 to 10 blades in a regular envelope and throw a stamp on the envelope. No astra no derby extra no Gillette silver blue or yellow packs no feathers.

I also have a semogue 2015 silver tip badger brush. These retail for about 50$ new, I purchased it from a fine member here for $25. It is a great brush but my rotation is getting to large and i don't like the handle enough to lengthen my bench. It is a 22 knot with I believe a 55 or 57 loft with a glue bump that really shortens the loft up nicely but leaves it with great flow through. I will sell it outright for $23 shipped conus but would also be open to trade for soaps or something interesting. Let me know. Thanks. [Image: ea95ec0ab7961d895ecd68e3b84348a9.jpg][Image: 9b64fbaca6fbe907f2fb67a244bf7d15.jpg]

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