11-14-2016, 08:40 AM
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I have ordered my first "real" straight razor kit and have determined that I won't be needing all my "shavettes" any more.  I am keeping a few, but there is no reason to have all of these.  Included in this lot are:

1) Durham Domino with original stropping attachment, NOS Durham blades, plus Personna carbon and stainless (carpet and pathology respectively): This is by far the easiest and least aggressive razor in the group.  Although it is hard to cut yourself it also takes discipline to achieve a nice BBS.  The comb prevents using too steep of an angle and once the proper shallow angle is found the pathology blades in particular will give a great shave.

2) CJB with Kai Mild blades:  The first disposable blade straight that I actually enjoyed using.  Before this I had tried a few half DE blade shavettes and didn't enjoy them at all.  This razor is easy to load and will teach you to mind your angle and pressure.

3) Dubl Duck Duckess Hair Shaper with Personna blades: This razor was made in Japan for hair stylists, but if you remove the guard it actually does a great job of mimicking a straight razor. The Personna blades are very sharp and rigid and will again reward a light touch.  This one was probably the hardest for me to learn with, but was what ultimately pushed me into trying out the real deal.

The CJB retails for $30 at Maggards and there is probably about $25 in total blades left.  The Durham and Dubl Duck are both vintage but I think I paid around $25 between the two.  Take everything for $40 shipped.

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 11-14-2016, 01:41 PM
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i'll take it.  pm sent.

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