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Selling a rare gem: Rooney Alibaba Size 2 with the ORIGINAL HERITAGE 3 band knot. This silvertip grade is from another planet and was used in Heritage handles prior to the 2 Band hair grade, about 2008-10. Sold through "vintage blades" at the time. Ships in original red box.

Knot measures: 20/45mm
Handle: 53mm

Brush is in excellent condition, used sparely in a 50+ rotation.

Whoever wants to try the ORIGINAL HERITAGE Rooneys, here is your opportunity.

$165 incl. shipping w/ tracking. CONUS and PayPal only. No trades, no price reduction.

Please PM me,if interested.

[Image: 7vXNDTb.jpg]

[Image: KteD54n.jpg]

[Image: 6DYQLX8.jpg]

[Image: hEYTOW4.jpg]

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