11-18-2016, 10:08 AM
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[u]*WITHDRAWN*,PLS.ARCHIVE-WTT-Paladin Falstaff_JADE_26mm[/u]

I prefer larger brushes, like my 28mm Falstaff, so I am offering my recently acquired 26mm Falstaff in JADE for TRADE (ONLY).
I was able to buy this (#003) brush in the recent November 06 sale from Paladin. It has 2 uses on it.
Here are some 'suggestions', although I would be open to anything 'reasonable':

Looking for a Wiborg, Varlet Orion, 2-Band Simpson (larger diameter, like a CH2, NO Manchurian, as I have two), Paladin Falstaff in 28mm (Cobalt or Jade), Dual Comb Wolfman head (0.74 gap) preferably in Titanium, and of course a BBS-1 razor, or other similar items.


[Image: QkTHYZr.jpg]

[Image: vhCPeHg.jpg]

[Image: aEqgXwA.jpg]
[Image: 59UHnnQ.jpg]
[Image: gCKHU72.jpg]

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