11-24-2016, 07:22 PM
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I'm clearing out two items from my shave den today.  Prices include shipping to CONUS/APO/FPO addresses.  PayPal and no trades please.

Feather Professional Artist Club SS Razor   SOLD

I alternate between a straight and a DE.  For years I've been thinking about trying one of these Feather razors, and recently acquired a brand new one as part of a brush trade.   I used it twice, once with a Professional blade and once with a Professional Super blade.  I'm glad I tried this razor, but prefer my straights and the ritual of maintaining and honing my own blade. There is no point in my keeping this, as I will not use it.  I will say this about the sharpness of this razor.  I consider myself quite proficient at honing.  In years past, I have also had my straights honed by some of the better known experts.  With a new blade, this is one extremely sharp razor.  I will ship this razor with all the original packaging materials.

[Image: D1c3nJC.jpg]

I checked three of the major shaving vendors and this razor new sells for between $110 - $120. 

Sale price:  $50.00

Bob Quinn Custom Two Band Brush  SOLD

This striped ivory beauty has one of Bob's highly regarded Premium Manchurian White knots.  This 24mm knot measures 25.80mm at the top of the handle and is set to a 49mm loft. The knot is outstanding, with excellent backbone, soft tips, and no scritch that I can detect.   I purchased this brush in early October, and reviewed it here:


The brush has been used three times and meticulously cared for.  I like everything about this handle and knot.  The only reason I'm selling this brush is that, after trying Bob's knots in 24, 26, and 28mm, I prefer the 28mm.  I have too many brushes to keep any that are not among my favorites.  
[Image: IHR89zu.jpg]

[Image: 8AwXJa7.jpg]

[Image: 0q5QTTC.jpg]

The new cost of this brush was $115.00.

Sale price:  $60.00

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