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A new hobby has me moving some really nice items from my den.  One specific trade I would be interested in is a Persian Jar 2 or Tulip 2 in Super for the Thater.  All prices are CONUS only and include shipping.

**Sold** DR Harris Leather Military Wet Pack in black  
The leather is still in great condition, very elegant, yet sturdy.  I bought this from West Coast Shaving for $150.  I'm selling it here for $75.
[Image: e0havVK.jpg]
[Image: rkQhzMJ.jpg]
[Image: 5wQTqiw.jpg]

***Sold***Thater 4125/1 24mm Two-band Finest Silvertip Fan
This ever popular Thater two band in 24mm fan performs consistent with the reviews you've surely read on them.  Luxuriously soft, dense, with moderate backbone.  I've had this brush for about 18 months.  I bought it new and used it maybe 3-4 times a month at the most.  The coin at the bottom does have a little bit of rust that I haven't tried to remove, but it does not affect the performance. These brushes cost $154.  I'm selling it here for $90 or would be interested in trading for a Tulip 2 or Persian Jar 2 in Super.  Comes with original box.
[Image: YlYZhVc.jpg]
[Image: vFzpsY4.jpg]
[Image: lOw2y0m.jpg]

Hart Steel 7/8 Polished Finish Square Point Razor
A beautiful razor that shaves like a dream.  The edge is in excellent condition, but it might need a touch-up to your liking.  I used it a couple times after it was honed and didn't hone it after that.  One side of the blade has a couple spots that should come off with a light buffing.  You can get these from Hart Steel for $199, although I couldn't find this particular size and finish.  I'm selling it here for $120 Now $115
[Image: WhYH8tP.jpg]
[Image: Ct67hFz.jpg]

**Sold** Jurgen Hempel Wave Handle in Titanium
These sell for 90 euros (about $95 USD).  I'm selling it here for $75.
[Image: ZWSUf2D.jpg]

***Sold*** Feather Kamisori Style Straight Razor
These sell for $66 on amazon.  I'm selling it here for $40 and including a pack with about 5 Feather Pro blades to get you started.  I'll also include the plastic blade protector (not pictured).
[Image: RYDd13d.jpg]
[Image: rYaGcq9.jpg]

Kent Model MS23D Finest Men's Military Style Beech Wood Natural Bristle Brush
Really nice brush that I used for a few months.  But my hair's too thin, so I started head shaving.  These sell for $50.  I'm selling here for $30 Now $25
[Image: 0l0Cpbk.jpg]
[Image: 4FPUPHF.jpg]

**Sold** 2013 Muhle R41 Head with a Maggards MR3 Handle
The head retails for $25 and the handle for $19.  Take both for $25.  
[Image: xoIoz8f.jpg]

Straight Razor Designs (SRD) Modular Paddle Strop
Comes with the SRD Premium 1 Leather strop, scrub leather w/chromium oxide modular strop, hard wool felt w/ 0.5 diamond spray strop and Premium IV English Bridle strop.  All strops are modular and have a magnetic backing that sticks to the strop.  Please note that English Bridle strop has some indentations/impressions as shown in the photos.  SRD sells the modular paddle strop kit for $90 and add $26 for the English Bridle Strop.  I'm selling here for $65, now $60.
[Image: Av6kzv5.jpg]
[Image: 8CObuoI.jpg]
[Image: DdSCzRQ.jpg]
[Image: sGQxtE0.jpg]

Thanks for looking and feel free to pm me any questions.

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Pm sent

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Updated with trade options

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Price drops on remaining items, but I won't be able to ship these out until Friday.  I'm out of town and don't trust my wife to pack and ship these   Biggrin 

On the Hart, I can touch it up with the diamond spray and strop it before sending it out if you'd  like, should be really sweet.

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