11-26-2016, 04:28 PM
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Happy Holiday commencing everyone!

I'm currently clearing out items that I honestly just don't use to make room for items that fit with my current bearded-ness, so up for sale are a few custom straights and brushes that I consider to be excellent.

Feel free to ask questions, but be patient as I'm juggling a few chores this evening!

First up, two brushes:

[Image: 36oeULV.jpg]
[Image: Lqd0Ny0.jpg]

Shavemac 26x52 2-band Silvertip - $110

[Image: lMN6ORp.jpg]

This brush has superb hair quality with good backbone and scrub, but pillowy tips.  You can see in the close-ups that it has that gentle curling that accompanies pseudo-gel tips.  I find myself using smaller bulb knots these days, sadly, so I'm making room.

Rudy Vey "SOC" with 26x52 Romera Manchurian Fan - $100

[Image: nPM8FeD.jpg]

The second brush is a Romera knot I purchased over the summer and had installed by Rudy Vey into a large SOC style handle.  The knot is wonderful, very soft with good backbone that Manchurian is known for.  It has about 10 bowl lathers on it, and has been continually getting softer, and may end up going into gel territory like most Romeras seem to.

ShaveSmith 15/16 half hollow - $225 - Click link for more images

[Image: YBGxhQS.jpg]

It's possible you will recognize this brush from ShaveSmith's Facebook page.  This was the first custom I got from Christopher at ShaveSmith and it inspired me to get a second, which I have gravitated towards using regularly.  The steel is "brisk" and takes edges with ease without heading into "harsh" territory.  The scales are cocobolo.  Shave ready off of a coticule currently.  Was $325 new.

Jerry Stark 8/8 D2 "shorty" half hollow - $150 - Click link for more images SOLD!

[Image: gDNasbp.jpg]

I got this razor some time ago and found it to be very frustrating to get a good edge on.  Ended up resetting the bevel completely and taking it very, very slow, and it became a wonderfully smooth shaver.  Jerry's D2 steel is extremely tough stuff, so it takes some time to get edges set on it, but it lasts forever, and doesn't give the harshness you'll find in other tough steels.  Shave ready off a coticule currently.  New this razor was $225, but Jerry's razors are currently a bit more than that in price.

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