11-28-2016, 01:22 PM
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So, I was able to buy everything you see here as a lot from a popular auction site.  I am new to the whole SE scene ya dig, so I am not really to familiar with what I got.  Looking for some information on what I received and what I should shave with first.  I like a mild, smooth but efficient shave.  All of these photos are fresh out of the box, not cleaned up.  Everything needs a bit of a cleaning, but they all look to be in working condition.  So, what do I have? (Also, as I know someone will ask, I paid $14 and change plus $6 shipping for everything)
[Image: QB6iSan.jpg][Image: Z0C9Wsw.jpg][Image: LbrMInP.jpg][Image: fUkKOIo.jpg][Image: oi0mO4e.jpg]

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 11-28-2016, 01:31 PM
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Top one looks like an open comb Micromatic, the second is a GEM Damaskeene as far as I can Google, third one looks like an GEM 1912 (but could also be a Damaskeene) and a MicroMatic Clug Pruf. Overall a nice haul Biggrin

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