12-01-2016, 05:15 AM
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I'm selling these two brothers together due to shipping costs.

FYI I don't do trades, and - unless I state it later on - I only sell this bundled together.

Shavemac D01 2-band Silvertip Handle Model 25 in Brown-Black, 26 mm bulb knot, 56 mm loft, custom made by Bernd for me in 2016.
I have carefully chosen a loft of 56 mm on this brush, because anything lower than that in a 26 mm bulb D01 2-band Silvertip will feel uncomfortable for 95% of shavers out there.
Used 3 times. Hair shed: ZERO. Very Manchurian like in feel. Excellent flow through. Excellent for harder soaps. Will break further in over the next 15-20 uses in my experience. This brush eats hard soaps for breakfast, no boar can stand a chance........
Comes with the original Shavemac box.

Simpson Chubby 2 Manchurian Faux Italian Ivory. Brand new. Never seen water. Handpicked by Mark Watterson for me in May-June 2016.
Comes with the original Red Simpson box

Extra bunch, as part of the overall bundle, FYI No cut in price, if you leave these out - this is extra PIF as part of the whole sale.

Semogue 1305 boar - unused
Semogue 1250 boar - unused
Semogue 1800 boar - unused
Omega 80280 boar - unused

Price for bundle including shipping to USA, Canada, Australien and Europe: $400

If you're from another part of the world contact me on PM regarding shipping.

[Image: l9ceHAE.jpg]

[Image: cEbEWwD.jpg]

[Image: Z6xIERf.jpg]

[Image: DNAQvrp.jpg]

[Image: 1QvM0t9.jpg]

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 12-01-2016, 05:43 AM
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pm sent

Enviado de meu LG-D855 usando Tapatalk

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 12-01-2016, 05:59 AM
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Absolutely stunning. I would love to bring this home. Good luck sir. Great price, shouldn't last long.

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 12-02-2016, 02:19 AM
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Sold to a Altex, a Gentleman from Brazil  Thumbup

Thank you.

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 12-02-2016, 03:16 AM
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Nice sale! I've been waiting for a faux ivory CH2 Manchurian to pop of for some time now. Hope your items made it to good homes!

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