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Need to pare the den some more…

A simple, solid basic set:

·      Generic DE89-type head on chrome plated brass, 4 oz., 117 g handle (new)
·      Omega 10066 boar brush (lightly used and still needs some breaking in)
·      Colonel Conk acrylic brush stand
·      New, full stick of Arko grated into metal container
·      Stirling Gentleman sample bath soap
·      3 blades – Feather, Personna Med Prep and Personna Blue Lab

$22, including priority USPS shipping (CONUS)

Two I’m reluctant to let go of, but really need to…

·      Le Pere Lucien Cedre Patchouli  (5.5 oz. of 7 oz., original retail $34 + shipping, so about $27+ worth). I’m not a big patchouli fan, but it’s barely noticeable in this great fragrance.

·      Strop Shoppe London Morning (new, unused 140 ml ("Best used by 2/7/16") – I think about 6 oz. of product – original retail was about $20 + shipping). One of my favorite performers/fragrances.

$35, including priority USPS shipping (CONUS)  SOLD

I won’t be checking the thread, so please PM me…and I have a busy weekend, so thanks for your patience with my replies. Thank you for looking!

[Image: ufpQPte.jpg]
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