12-06-2016, 10:27 AM
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Hi Guys and greetings from up north in Greenland.
This is my first post here on shavenook.

My question is like it says in the title.. CRSW - Select or Oliva?(please no "get both")

Which one do you prefer, and why?

If you truelly belive it's impossible to suggest one over the other. What do you think are some of the differences in performance between the two.

Finally I'm a huge fan of Pannacrema. I think the post shave feel is second to none, and I also feel that based on overall performance, it's the best soap or cream i've tried so far.
But I've read alot of people who also love Pannacrema, feels that the performance of PC and CRSW are very simular, which is what peeked my interest.

Which soap (Select or Oliva) do you feel perform more in the style of Pannacrema?
Or which soap (Select or Oliva) do you feel a Pannacrema lover would enjoy more?

Seeing this is my first post here on shavenook.
Thanks to everybody for putting together such a fantastic wetshaving community here on the site.

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 12-06-2016, 10:35 AM
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I personally have never use Pannacrema before, and probably won't for a good while. But in my opinion:

Performance wise, Select > Oliva
Post shave wise, Oliva > Select

However, they still perform pretty well on both aspect of performance and post shave imo.

If I were to pick one from CRSW, I will go with select as I generally prefer tallow soap.

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 12-06-2016, 01:02 PM
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Both are great soaps.  However I think Oliva has the edge.  The lather itself is very cushiony and slick.  It works up quickly on the face and is never difficult to load.  To me the select is not as slick or thick - still a great soap but not where Oliva is.

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 12-06-2016, 03:00 PM
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Select is the better. Thicker, slicker and with better cushion. The only area I'd give a slight advantage to Oliva is post shave but even at that it's very close between the two. I would honestly highly recommend Select for your first CRSW soap. The gold standard in artisan soap!

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 12-06-2016, 06:03 PM
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Olivia honeywood is a favorite

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 12-06-2016, 06:14 PM
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(12-06-2016, 06:03 PM)mike_the_kraken Wrote: Olivia honeywood is a favorite

I would certainly agree with this. Great soap.

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 12-06-2016, 08:50 PM
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Thanks for all the responses.
I allready ordered the Oliva "Citrus Paradisi"
I cant wait!

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