12-06-2016, 06:59 PM
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So....not usually a fan of veggie soaps. However I saw that they had a frankincense and I'm always looking for a good frankincense (and or myr) so I figured to give it a shot. Ordered from overseas. 2 tubs came to about 35$ shipped. Pretty price but why not.
Soap arrived and I immediately noted that the tubs are not hot poured but look hand packed like someone smashed a bunch of soap into the container. The containers are decent though nothing special but enough room to lod easily. Soap is fairly soft. The frankincense is great to me. Best one I've smelled yet. And I Also orders cashmere. Very happy I did as it smells just like Baker Street from the NOW defunct Stroppe Shoppe. I'm very happy about that and it's a dead ringer.
Used for the first time this morning. Won't pass full jumdmgent after just one use but I will say very easy to load and lather and it was a great shave.

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 12-06-2016, 07:03 PM
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I received frankincense and I liked the scent a lot . Dark and potent scent .
I also liked 24 which is a clone copy of creed aventus . Nicely done.
I like wickham soaps !!

Instantly paired with Nicolai Incense oud
Beautiful pairing !!
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