12-07-2016, 03:28 AM
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Here I am passing on some beautiful razors in a continued reduction process I am doing towards a minimalist den.  

The British #21 and Australian #48 Aristocrats have both been through a rigorous restoration process with the cooperation of Razorplate and Vintage Razor Repair(the team of Chris and Chris to those in the know).   The 21 was replated in Rhodium and the 48 in Nickel.    

The British Gillette Twin Pin is also in beautiful condition.  The only brassing which can be seen only under certain light is due to my ignorance after I bought it to remove some of the black on the handle which I did not realize was Silver and should have been treated accordingly.

As I always do with my BST postings, I have sought to take as many different photos and angles as possible to capture the condition of all 3 razors.   All are in perfect working order and the 21 and 48 are fresh replates without ever being used.

An exhaustive amount of photos for each razor are available in detail at http://imgur.com/a/xX9zi
*****Please note the #15 in the group pictures is already sold*********

Prices include CONUS shipping.

#21         $ 190.--
[Image: oNmC2ks.jpg]

#48         $ 95.--
[Image: 7jYI0Iq.jpg]

Twin Pin   $ 35.--  SOLD
[Image: CCH8QPZ.jpg]

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back it on up with new prices!!!

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bump it up.....new prices

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