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Several items up for offer this evening. Shipping will be as follows: Prices include shipping for most U.S. locations (I lost my ass on shipping to CA lately, so anything going to the west coast that doesn't fit in a flat rate box, we'll have to talk). Discounts will be given for people interested in several items. International shipping on a case-by-case basis. Soaps that have a matching splash or lotion sold as combos.

The following items are unused:

Truefitt & Hill Freshman aftershave (retail $75) - $25 SOLD
Truefitt & Hill Clubman (retail $75) - $25 SOLD
Midnight & Two "The Study" soap and balm (retail $54) - $36 SOLD
Cold River Soap Works Bay Rum soap and splash (retail $36 + 9 shipping) - $30
Castle Forbes Lime shaving cream and aftershave balm (retail $104) - $65 SOLD
Jabonman Eufros Tierra Humeda "Wet Earth" soap and balm (€29 + €12 shipping) - $30 SOLD
Jabonman Rose soap (€14, this soap added €8 to the shipping cost for the last parcel) - $15 SOLD
L&L Grooming After the Rain soap and balm (retail $31) - $24 SOLD
L&L Grooming Darkfall soap and balm (retail $31) - $24 SOLD
Xpec Unscented shaving cream (retail $70) - $45
Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company Woody Lavender (retail $16) - $12
Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company Black Rose (retail $22) - $16 SOLD
Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company Vert Noir (retail $22) - $16 SOLD
Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company Topanga Fougere (retail $24) - $17
Le Cigale shaving soap (retail $9.50) - $5 ****(this item will be an add on to an order for other items and will not be sold as a standalone item unless buyer pays actual shipping)
Tallow & Steel Grog (retail $25) - $19 SOLD
Mike's Natural Soaps Barbershop (retail $18.80 shipped) - $15
Three pucks of Haslinger (retail $27) - $14 SOLD

The following items have been used:
Tallow & Steel Rainforest soap and lotion (used 2x) (retail $46) - $28 SOLD
L&L Grooming TSM Fougere soap and Chantillon Lux splash (soap used 1x, splash unused) (retail $42) - $30 SOLD
L&L Shaving Brush Rejuvenator (used 1x) (retail $10) $5****(Add on item) SOLD
Jabonman Eufros Fougere Premium soap and balm (used 1x) (retail €35 with about €10 extra for shipping) - $35 SOLD
Jabonman Eufros "Neutro" unscented balm (used 1x) (retail €15) - $13
Myrsol Blue shaving soap, aftershave and cologne (soap used 1x, aftershave and cologne unused) (retail $92) - $38 SOLD
Creed Vetiver Geranium EDP 3.3oz (used approx. 3x) (retail is $300 - NOTE: this is NOT a bottle sold by a reseller. It was purchased from Neiman Marcus for full retail) - $90 SOLD
Le Pere Lucien Rose 200g shaving soap (used 2x) (retail for the 98g jar (all I could find online for prices) $29) - $28
Nuavia Blu (used approx. 5x) (retail $62) - $44 SOLD
Nuavia Rossa (used 1x) (retail $62) - $49 SOLD

[Image: KNjvvlM.jpg]
[Image: 2wIQJo0.jpg]
[Image: V5YD1ZR.jpg]
[Image: s89X9cE.jpg]
[Image: 0SCt2t4.jpg]
[Image: kNnUzgi.jpg]
[Image: hpePeZQ.jpg]
[Image: YBCW1ob.jpg]
[Image: u6gkwjb.jpg]
[Image: 4QWDwdR.jpg]

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 12-10-2016, 04:33 PM
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This might be an odd question, but which of the Tallow and Steel soaps is lighter in color (Grog or Rainforest)?

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(12-10-2016, 05:56 PM)22bulldog Wrote: This might be an odd question, but which of the Tallow and Steel soaps is lighter in color (Grog or Rainforest)?

They look similar to me. Grog may be a tad lighter.

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 12-11-2016, 10:17 AM
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FWIW....I feel your pain in shipping. I'm located right in the middle of the US and took a bath on a sale because of the shipping costs. I hope all buyers understand.


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Sent you a PM this morning . Thanks in advance

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