08-10-2012, 02:05 PM
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[Image: P1250039.JPG?m=1344631915]

Thanks to Mikeperry,I know have the chance to try a brush which is pretty famous,specially among the harcore face latherers : the Rooney 1/1,rebranded Taylor of Old Bond Street in Super badger hair.

[Image: P1250040.JPG?m=1344631930]

I was curious to compare this super badger Rooney 1/1 with the Truefitt and Hill (Rooney 1/1) silvertip brush that I owned.In the past I have also tried a Truefitt and Hill 1/2 in super badger,being an excellent all rounder brush,so I already knew how good and soft the super badger used by Rooney is.

[Image: P1250043.JPG?m=1344631933]

This brush is well made and finish it.The handle is on my top 3 of favorite handles,alongside the Simpson Classic 1/2 and the Plisson classic handle.You can go wrong with a handle like this,so easy to hold and so elegant,in every color I have seen (black,ivory,white,horn).

[Image: P1250041.JPG?m=1344631937]

The hair density is medium/high.Higher than the Edwin Jagger brushes,thats for sure,but for some reason,not as high as the Truefitt and Hill brush,but maybe this could be an optical illusion,due to the higher loft in the TOBS brush (at least,2 mm taller).

[Image: P1250042.JPG?m=1344631936]

And how does super badger compares with silvertip?Thats a question I have red so many times on the shaving boards...Wel,it seems that silvertip and super badger are almost the same kind of badger hair,and these two brushes confirms what I think...

[Image: P1250044.JPG?m=1344631939]

Both brushes have extra white tips,a clear dark band close to the tips,and kind of light hair.
The Trueffit and Hill is set 2 mm down than the TOBS,so it has more backbone,but less flow.

[Image: P1250045.JPG?m=1344632059]

I seriously can distinguish anything different between the badger hair of these two brushes,so super badger and silvertip seems to be the same for Rooney : super soft and white tips,a clear black band and kind of thin badger hair.

[Image: P1250046.JPG?m=1344632062]

If you like face lathering with circular strokes,and you are looking for a brush with extra soft tips and good flow,this Rooney 1/1,rebranded Taylor of Old Bond Street will do.
I have tested with both triple milled soaps (Trumper Eucris) and shaving creams,and performs very well.

I honestly like it a little bit more than my Truefitt and Hill since the flow is better.Another example of good shaving brush,but the doubt of where are these brushes being made,is still there...and nobody's have proven yet that they are made in UK,as they claim...

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 08-10-2012, 02:32 PM
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Is this the 22mm knot?

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 08-10-2012, 02:40 PM
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Very nice!

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 08-10-2012, 03:33 PM
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(08-10-2012, 02:32 PM)oscar11 Wrote: Is this the 22mm knot?

Yes,the 22 mm and around 47 mm loft.The Truefitt and Hill is 22 mm knot and 45 mm loft.

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 08-10-2012, 04:20 PM
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Wow, Teiste, you sure have tried many brushes. Great info, amigo.

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 08-10-2012, 06:11 PM
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Hi Teiste

Beautiful photos (as usual) Thumbsup

When I directly asked TOBS they wouldn't confirm one-way or the other is the RT1S was a re-branded Rooney 1/1, but like yourself I'm 99.9% it is.

For what it's worth TOBS did tell me the RT1S was made in the UK.

Like yourself I love the handle, everything about it speaks class and elegance to me.

Totally agree with you regarding the RT1S having better hair density than the Edwin Jagger's (I like their brushes but do think their knots could contain a bit more hair).

Is nice to hear you say, "super badger and silvertip seems to be the same for Rooney", as I've also thought the Super Badger used in the RT1S could easily also be referred to as Silvertip without doing a disservice to "Silvertip".

Did you measure the 47mm loft of the RT1S with calipers? Only asking, as I have 43mm loft in my notes (not measured using calipers).

Take care, Mike

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 08-10-2012, 06:29 PM
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All something needs for the made in UK designation is to have the final step performed in the UK. IIRC.

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