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Since I have decided to withdraw my 6 DR Harris soaps, my ABC soaps, my Baume.Be soap, my 2 Penhaligon soaps and my 3 Haslinger soaps from the bundle offer, here we go again, one final attempt at selling my brush & soap bundle.

Simpson Limited Edition, very rare, Chubby 2 Super/Best knot in a very soft, densely packed knot, that feels softer than 2015/2016 batch Chubby 2 Super 3-band hair, yet has a bit more backbone.
I have never seen other with this Limited Edition Chubby 2 brush from Mark Watterson. Perhaps you have ?
It's from November 2012, and has been used 12-15 times. It's my favourite Simpson brush, and I only sell it, because the Chubby 2 handles are a bit too small for my preference.
On the front it almost looks like an ordinary faux ivory cream Chubby 2, but when you turn it, you see the pattern in the handle.
I have shown it next my Chubby 2 3-band Super, and you can see the knot in this brush seem lighter colored at the tips, and has a lower loft.
Flow through is excellent in this brush. Which is why I sold the CH 2 Super a good while ago.

All the soaps are UNUSED & UNTOUCHED.

Only the AOS Sandalwood cream has been used, and it's circa 50% full.
All the oher creams are UNUSED & UNTOUCHED.

Why do I sell all these soaps, and why are they still brand new and untouched ?
Because I have an A.D. problem in general, and with shaving related items in particular.
Your gain, my loss !

Art of Shaving shaving cream pots:
Ocean Kelp

Simpson shaving cream pots: 
Citrus Burst
Cafe Latte
Lavender & Vetiver
Peppermint & Rosemary

Pre de Provence shaving soaps:

Meißner Tremonia shaving soaps in black top quality Connaught shaving bowls:
Black Beer No.1
Dark Limes
Indian Flavour
Pink Grapefruit
Salty Sea Sage
Woody Almonds

T.O.B.S. shaving soaps:
Jermyn Street

Mitchell Wool Fat shaving soap 125 gram in Ikea Grundtall stainless steel container with screw on lid

Plisson hard shaving soap 100 gram in Ikea Grundtall stainless steel container with screw on lid

What I paid for the entire bundle: $650

YOUR PRICE: $325 - including shipping worldwide
! Save yourself 50% on this deal !

[Image: SigZYc8.jpg]
[Image: 4zcStrw.jpg]
[Image: sosvmr.jpg]
[Image: OJce4DS.jpg]
[Image: yJ5pSDV.jpg]
[Image: adrEVzM.jpg]

[Image: NhxmYTD.jpg]
[Image: xjgOZrQ.jpg]
FYI Penhaligons are withdrawn from the bundle !!

[Image: V4xEIuY.jpg]
[Image: mitchell-wool-fat-soap-.jpg]
[Image: bol-a-barbe-porcelaine-couvercle-et-savon.jpg]
FYI The Plisson porcelaine bowl is not part of the bundle (I have mine filled with Cella from my 1 kg Cella brick), only the soap, which comes in the Ikea Gundtall Stainless Steel container.

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