12-21-2016, 03:32 PM
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Hi Guys,

The den thin-out continues. All prices include CONUS/Canada shipping and are quoted in USD. I will ship out next week and will provide a tracking number.

PENDING PAA DOC - this is the original DOC. Great razor but I have others that I reach for. Retails for $35; asking $25. PENDING
[Image: Wyjj2t1.jpg]

Brushcraft Brush - 24mm x 48mm TGN Silvertip Knot. Nice brush but I have too many. Retails for $80; asking $50.
[Image: gWMVXQe.jpg?1]
[Image: nO8FoDt.jpg]

Vie Long handle with a Plissoft style knot. I think the Vie Long brush this handle came from retailed for $40 but it was a horse hair knot and it shed quite a bit. I removed the horse hair knot and set the Plissoft knot in deep. measures 22mm x 50mm. Asking $30.
[Image: VjxuQZm.jpg]

Vintage Cube Brush with a TGN 2 band Fan knot. Measures 22mm x 48mm. Fantastic brush and the handle is very unique but i'm not a fan of fan knots. I paid $50 for it; asking SOLD.
[Image: kFOuV1W.jpg]

Vintage German faceted handle with a Nathan Clark Luxury Silvertip knot. It measures 22mm x 48mm. I love this handle but I wish the knot has a little more backbone. I paid $50; asking $40.
[Image: Uk6G6Q8.jpg]


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 12-21-2016, 05:09 PM
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if the bush craft is available I would like it...pm sent....

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