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It's the holidays and I received from one of my sons a tin of Bull and Bell Original Barbershop. I never heard of this soap before so I went to google looking for reviews, I found a few and a video. The reviews were all good except for one review that was good but had one negative that I didn't experience. The negative mentioned that the soap was very soft in the tin that could become runny in a warm room. The tin that I was given had a croap consistency and remained so in my warm bathroom. Also one of the reviews talked about the tin having a dent or 2, this was true of the one I received.

I have now used the soap twice and have found the scent which is a different Barbershop then others that I have to be pleasant. For me the importance of scents are secondary, I like most scents and stay away from from those that I feel I won't like via reviews also I can't tell you don thing about top or bottom notes.

Now onto the shave, I found the soap lathers well, gives a nice cushion and slickness on the skin for good blade glide which eliminates irritation along with nice moisturizing properties. I looked up the cost of the soap which is $16.99 plus ship, this seems average for 4 oz. tin, it is a soap worth looking into. Another thing over the last 5 years or so especially the last 3 there are so many excellent soaps being offered that you can't go wrong with most that are being offered (and reformulated for improved performance), just look for and read the reviews, it is a buyers market.

I will add, sorry to say that a few excellent soap makers in the past year or two have closed down shop.

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 12-26-2016, 05:45 AM
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Thanks for a useful review Steven.  You are correct that this is a good market for us soap buyers, with numerous excellent options available.

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