12-27-2016, 11:02 AM
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I'm looking for the vintage London Bridge or Viking blades that were made by Wilkinson (not the modern Viking Sword brand ones) and also wanting these razor parts:

I want this much of a single ring as I already have the bottom piece of the handle that fits inside the barrel 
[Image: P1010011_zpsxd6aqdtc.jpg] 

I want the bottom piece of the handle that fits inside the barrel of a Gillette New Standard - what I want looks like this:
[Image: P1010012_zpsnczq1hpa.jpg] 

I want one or more of these top handle pieces that fit old SE razors (would also be interested in the other handle pieces that fit into this one, but mostly looking for this one):
[Image: P1010015_zpsqf2si4sc.jpg] 

I have a ton of shaving stuff, SE & DE razors, razor parts, soaps and creams, many brands of blades that I'd trade, but since I'm asking for parts and blades, I'll give these as examples, but I hope you'll ask if there's something else you're looking for so i can post pics or send them to you if you'd like. Below there is a vintage case for a Gillette blue-tip Superspeed, some Gillette handles and handle parts, a two-piece Gillette Old Type head, blades including Wilkinson Light Brigades, Gillette 7 O'Clock , Gillette Silver Blue (GSB), Astra... have Feathers and many others.

[Image: P1010016_zpsq6bvyi8b.jpg]
I'll also trade these blades and others:

[Image: K4JCD3N.jpg]

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