01-03-2017, 06:21 AM
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We have a new soap formula which replaces the now discontinued SELECT and OLIVA lines. The new base has been developed to improve slickness and cushion.

From this point forward all of our soaps and moisturizing aftershaves will be scented using essential oils only.

We have updated the packaging and our shaving soaps are now offered in a high quality, single wall plastic jar with a new label design. Our moisturizing aftershave now comes packaged in a new bottle with a spray pump for ease of application.

We will be making our new products available for purchase beginning Thursday evening 1/5/17.

We are certain you will enjoy these new products as much as Audrey & l have enjoyed creating them for you.


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 01-03-2017, 06:24 AM
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Awesome, Larry!! Looking for forward to Thursday.

16 634
 01-03-2017, 06:31 AM
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I think 2017 will bring about my first venture into cold river soap works. Heard nothing but great things, have seen nothing but great things here on the forum, and your a fellow new yorker. Congrats Larry, looking forward to a purchase in the near future

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 01-03-2017, 06:32 AM
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Ka-Boom!  Wow, thanks for the update Larry.  And best of luck to you on the new product line!!!

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 01-03-2017, 06:36 AM
  • evnpar
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Sounds great, Larry.

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 01-03-2017, 07:01 AM
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Interested to try the new offering!  I figured something was up after I ordered pretty much all of the Select V.2 soaps during your very tempting sales this past month...

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 01-03-2017, 07:04 AM
  • Agravic
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Excellent news, Larry.
I'm looking forward to trying these new releases soon.

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 01-03-2017, 07:17 AM
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New scents sound lovely!  Hope some of the old standbys (like Bergamot & Bay) make a reappearance though.

53 1,186
 01-03-2017, 07:39 AM
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Great news Larry.  Looking forward to trying the new formula.

Will some of your Select scents return in the new formula?

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 01-03-2017, 07:53 AM
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(01-03-2017, 07:39 AM)TheLegalRazor Wrote: Great news Larry.  Looking forward to trying the new formula.

Will some of your Select scents return in the new formula?

Wondering the same? I look forward to some new scents, but I've found some scents (eg bergamot and bay, sandalwood, etc) that were aong the best scents of anything produced. Guess we'll find out soon.

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 01-03-2017, 08:03 AM
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This is exciting news, and I'm looking forward to trying the new products. My only disappointment is not getting enough Select soaps when they were available.

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 01-03-2017, 08:34 AM
  • eengler
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Wonderful Larry! Looking forward to the release.

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 01-03-2017, 09:19 AM
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SaWeeeet.... great news

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 01-03-2017, 09:56 AM
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Loving your products and got in on some of the deals in December.  Looking forward to your new line.  If it is better than the Select line, then you have got some mighty soap there.

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 01-03-2017, 10:17 AM
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This will be my first acquisition of the year.  Very excited to see the product line!  I'm new to CRSW.

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 01-03-2017, 10:18 AM
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Any new scents releasing on 1/5?

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 01-03-2017, 10:57 AM
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(01-03-2017, 10:17 AM)wreck | fish Wrote: This will be my first acquisition of the year.  Very excited to see the product line!  I'm new to CRSW.

Your in for a treat, Larry uses the highest quality ingredients resulting in fantastic skin care, great slickness and very well done scents. Let us know your thoughts after your first use..

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 01-03-2017, 10:59 AM
  • Nero
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Interestingly I used my OLIVA soap last night and really enjoyed it. I hope a non-lanolin soap is part of this future offering, as I've recently REconfirmed I just cannot use lanolin, sad to say.

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 01-03-2017, 12:26 PM
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Larry this sounds great and very exciting..cant wit to try the new products...

Lets just hope i get some of them  Confused

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 01-03-2017, 12:56 PM
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For those interested, I copied the ingredients list of the newest formulation, and I am pasting it now: 

Ingredients: Potassium Stearate, Aqua, Potassium Tallowate, Sodium Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Potassium Garcina Indica (Kokum) Butter, Potassium Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Sodium Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Fragrance *(Essential Oils), Sodium Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Potassium Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Lanolin, Kaolin, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Lactate, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein

I hope Larry doesn't mind that I did this here.  The list is publicly available at his site, so I assume it's OK.  To me, it looks amazing.  I'm very particular about ingredients.  I love that it has saponified castor seed oil right after the saponified stearic acid and tallow; I have found over the years that soaps with this ingredient fairly high on the list perform very well.  I also love Kokum butter, Shea butter, and the oils (apricot, avocado, and coconut); in my experience, soaps with these ingredients make unctuous lather that is cushioning and has a great face feel after the shave.  Sodium citrate and sodium lactate will also help the soap to lather really well for those with hard water, and the silk protein will add a nice slickness.  

Looks like a real winner.

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