01-03-2017, 07:46 AM
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I happened to notice something last night while watching an episode of a cooking show. I had seen the episode before, but this time something stood out. Check out what Alton Brown is using to apply a glaze to a meatloaf (sorry, best shot I could get of it). Yes, it appears to be a boar shaving brush. Who said this hobby had a singular focus??

[Image: sJmO9SD.png]

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 01-03-2017, 04:13 PM
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I already love Alton Brown, this just blew my mind Wink

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 01-03-2017, 05:53 PM
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Very observant of you!

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 01-03-2017, 07:10 PM
  • ben74
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Reminds me of bacon scented shaving soap!

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 01-03-2017, 07:45 PM
  • GreeneMD
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Oh my it's a Persian Jar Simpson Eeeeek Made you look  24

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 01-04-2017, 07:46 PM
  • Steve56
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Boar brushes have been used for butter, glazes etc for years. I have at least one maybe more, but they're usually a flt brush like a paintbrush. I would imagine the shaving brush works as well but is mostly for the 'panache'.

Cheers, Steve

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